2024 Ford F-150 Gets a Light Refresh and More Tech

Most people will find little difference between the new F-150 and ones from the past few years. It still features an aluminum body and the same blocky styling. As before, the presence of chrome or black plastic in the grille will depend on the trim level, but Ford said the visual differences between various trims will be more pronounced to help customers better tell them apart. The grilles, for starters, will look different. Some trims will be offered with a blackout package that excises shiny chrome. 

Perhaps the most notable exterior feature is the optional pro access tailgate. Similar to the swinging tailgate found on some Ram pickups, Ford says its version makes it easier for someone to reach 19 inches deeper into the bed—rather than bending and reaching over a conventional swing-down tailgate when it’s open—and allows better access when a trailer is connected to the tow hitch. It has resistance designed into the hinge mechanism to prevent the door from banging into a trailer or its hitch.

The base model comes standard with 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, with 18, 20, and 22-inch wheels offered based on trim level. The top-end Platinum Plus will come standard with the largest wheels.

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