4iiii PRECISION 3+ power meter with Apple Find My tracking review: The power of modern tech

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It was way back in March when 4iiii reached out about a new power meter they were developing. As a cyclist that loves data, a new power meter would be great as long as it added some level of benefit over the already existing products. Well, as it turns out, it adds a significant benefit no matter if you want to capture power data or not. The new 4iiii Precision 3+ power meter adds a tracking feature using the native Apple Find My app.

4iiii Precision 3+
Getting the Find My tracking set up was easy with the native Apple app.

Yes, It was March when I had gotten a very vague email about it, but it was in April while at Sea Otter that I got much more info about the new 4iiii PRECISION 3+ power meter. While I couldn’t talk about it, it was one of the coolest and most modern uses of tech to hit the cycling market. No more need to hide an Airtag in your frame or any of the other many options to track your beloved bike in the unfortunate incident that it gets stolen or lost.

After many emails and lots of waiting, I finally got my hands on one of the new units. Just as promised, it was able to not only transmit power data but the power meter seems to work just like an Apple Airtag. This means my beloved Litespeed Spezia test bike, which has also doubled as my Shimano 12-speed test mule, is a bit more secure, in a way. I’m not one to lock up a bike for a cafe stop, so having this built into a bike is a real benefit. Then add in the vast Apple user base (1.5 billion Apple users), and getting too far would be extremely difficult.

Before I get too far, I would like to say that I think power data is absolutely beneficial for cyclists of all levels. Whether you are looking to complete your first century or training for nationals, power data is the easiest way to track progress and build fitness efficiently. However, I am not a massive fan of single-sided power units that estimate 50% of the data using an algorithm. A single-sided unit is better than no power meter, but a dual-sided unit or one that measures total power is far better, in my opinion.

The New Precision 3+

Currently, the 4iiii Precision 3+ takes the already slim 4iiii Precision 3+ single-sided profile and adds the new Apple Find My feature. 4iiii units currently are only available for Shimano left-side arms from 105 up to Dura-Ace, as well as GRX and XTR. If you are a SRAM user, you are out of luck. The new 3+ functions as a power meter, just like the previous version, with Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity. The CR2032 battery tray powers the unit, which includes the Find My feature.

4iiii Precision 3+
The power meter unit is super slim and will fit most frames.

Fitment is easy; simply remove your left crank arm and install the 4iiii unit. 4iiii does offer a factory install option that saves you some money if you send in your crank arm, they will install the power unit onto your component and send it back.

Connecting the Apple Find My feature is even easier and uses the native Apple app, so there is no need for a separate tracking app. After you name the device, it shows up in your Items tab of the Apple Find My app.

Real World Test

As I stated before, I put power data pretty far up on my list of essentials for cyclists of all levels. This new 4iiii Precision 3+ moves it up a bit further since it doubles as a tracking device. I’ll be 100% honest (and knock on wood), I have never needed to track a lost bike and hope I will never need to use this feature. However, I am an Apple user and have Airtags on a majority of my “valuables.” So this gives me peace of mind that if I ever need to search for the Litespeed, I won’t have to look for long.

As a power meter, the Precision 3+ works like most other single-sided power meters. The data is not super short-burst accurate, but for a longer duration, tracking is pretty close. If you have a very unbalanced pedaling efficiency, you will have less accurate data. For me, I normally hover around 52L/48R, so my reading were slightly higher than other power meters that measure total power. At the end of my test rides when using a pedal-based power meter that measures both left and right at the same time as the 4iiii Precision 3+, there was only a slight difference in total work measured in kilojoules (kJ) and is almost a 1:1 for calories.

4iiii Precision 3+
For the test, I paired it with the Shimano Dura-Ace drive-side that came on my Litespeed Spezia.

What does this mean? Essentially, for most who are building base miles and looking to improve overall fitness, the 4iiii Precision 3+ is a perfect fit as it gives you valuable data to help track progress. If you are a super data freak and want to dig into the numbers with a fine-tooth comb, all left-side-only units are probably not the best fit. Interval training and tracking burst efforts will be skewed, and you may want to hold off on getting the Precision 3+. Yes, patience is a virtue if you are catching my drift.

If you feel like you really need the tracking and are an Apple user go for it. 4iiii offers drive-side units that could give you dual-sided power (total power), but as I hinted, patience, The Precision 3+ Pro will be available in Ultegra and Dura-Ace soon. For those not on the Apple platform or those that have a SRAM drivetrain, you are currently out of luck. You will have to find a different way to track your bike and measure your power data.

How Far Will This Go?

4iiii also is a partner with many other brands and supplies power meters for brands like Specialized and others. While I haven’t gotten an official response, it would be really cool to see this sort of tech shipped on stock bikes straight from the brands. Currently, only a few brands ship bikes with power meters, and they are normally top-tier versions. With this sort of tech, it makes it more enticing to spec the full line of bikes with the tracking capability and could be a huge selling point for the end consumer.

At the end of the day, 4iiii has, in my opinion, released a very useful feature that cyclists of all levels can benefit from. Since they already produce power meters that require battery power, adding in the low energy tracking is brilliant. Sure, if the battery in the power meter is flat, then it won’t work, but if you are riding often, then you will likely be keeping track of its status. Plus, since it uses a CR2032 battery, you can always swing past the local convenience store and put a new one in. No need for another proprietary charging cable.

A New Apple Watch App

I have not used the new watch app, and the below info is coming from 4iiii. However, I will try it, and if anything is incorrect, I will update this post. While 4iiii says you don’t need a conventional cycling computer, I always recommend one because looking at your watch can lead to situations that are not safe. If using the watch app, use it to record the data, and review it later.

In addition to PRECISION+ with Apple Find My, 4iiii unveils its innovative ‘Ride’ companion watch app, designed to offer cyclists another way to track and analyze their performance. The watch app offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling seamless integration with fitness sensors (non-drive side and dual power meters, and heart rate monitors like 4iiii’s own Viiiiva) from 4iiii and most manufacturers. Cyclists can now access workout views, live heart rate, power, speed, cadence and distance directly on their watch. Download the 4iiii app from the App Store and use the watch app for free!

The app seamlessly uploads comprehensive ride statistics, including GPS routes in both .FIT and Apple Fitness files. It is natively configured as part of the Apple Health Kit, allowing riders to track their activity, calories, and close those daily activity rings. The app also supports auto sync to Strava, enabling automatic workout sharing and enhancing the social aspect of cycling. With the 4iiii Ride App, there is no need for a conventional head unit; cyclists can rely on their watch to capture key information, whether they are on the road, gravel, or in the mountains.


4iiii Precision 3+
The battery is easy to change with no need for a proprietary charger.

4iiii Precision 3+
This is one of the notifications I got on my Apple phone when I left the bike to help another rider with a mechanical.

4iiii Precision 3+
Using the 4iiii app you can update firmware and check battery level.

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