5 fanny pack-friendly tech gadgets

Last week I spent the weekend traveling around Switzerland, hiking different trails and wandering the city of Zurich. The weekend was amazing–the sights, people, and food made the long travel days all the more worth it. However, one issue I always run into while traveling and hiking is that, in an effort to avoid bringing extra baggage with me, I have to forgo some of my favorite tech items.


I normally only bring as many extra items that can fit in my backpack, but this weekend I challenged myself to see what tech essentials I could fit into just my Lululemon fanny pack. I planned on hiking more leisurely, so I wanted to bring a book and headphones, so I could stop and read along the way. A physical book and pair of overear headphones would never fit in my fanny pack, so I opted for the Koba Clara e-reader and my AirPods Pro. Since I was hiking alone, I also included a safety alarm, phone charger and digital camera to snap some pics along the way.

If you’re planning on going on a hiking trip or want smaller items to fit in your bag, here are my tech essentials to take out and about with me without having to use a backpack.

1 Kobo Clara e-reader

An essential for when you need a break

koboclara white background

Kobo Clara BW

The Kobo Clara e-reader can hold thousands of books and has a two-week battery life, making it a convenient alternative to physical books.



USB-C charging port

6.14 ounces

Battery Life
2 weeks

Screen Size
6 in

I love to read while traveling, so naturally I needed to bring a book on the trip with me. I usually opt for physical books, but the Kobo Clara e-reader has made me an e-reader lover. The e-reader is small, lightweight and can be used without Wi-Fi. You need an internet connection originally to download books, but once the books are downloaded, the device can be used anywhere. Plus, the battery life of the e-reader averages two weeks, so you can take it on a week-long trip with no fear of the device losing power.

2 AirPods Pro

Never walk around in silence

A AirPods Pro case on a white background with two AirPods floating above it.

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen)

The AirPods Pro 2nd Generation offer all the same features as the excellent AirPods 3rd Generation, but they add Active Noise Cancellation and Adaptive Transparency modes, as well as the touch sensor for volume control on the stem.

Battery Life
6 hours

Charging Case Included?



Case battery
30 hours

1.79 ounces

iOS and Android

Noise Cancellation

Listening to music or podcasts on any subway ride, hike or plane ride is an absolute must for me. While I love my Bose QuietComfort Ultra over-ear headphones, they aren’t the most practical for short trips where you’re limited with space. That’s where my reliable AirPods Pro comes into play.

AirPods Pro are small enough to fit in my jean pocket or my fanny pack, making them the perfect pair of earbuds to bring on a trip. The biggest downside of the earbuds is that they have a shorter battery life, especially after owning them for a couple of years, so I also recommend bringing a pair of wired headphones as backup.

3 Vigorad safety alarm

The best way to stay safe

Vigorad Safety Alarm

personal safety alarm

Vigorad Personal Safety Alarm

With a 130 decibel siren and flashing light, these lightweight keychains are subtle in everything but their alert system.


Alarm Volume
130 db


LR44 Included

I tend to travel alone a lot, like I did this past weekend, so I always make sure to have a personal safety alarm on me. You can choose from a variety of safety alarms on Amazon, but I went with one of the cheaper Vigorad alarms. The alarm can connect to a keychain or bag and has a chord to pull when you feel in danger. The alarm emits a loud sound, alerting others of where you are.


Best personal safety devices (and why you should have one)

As a young woman with an on-the-go lifestyle, these are the subtle yet mighty tools that I carry with me to stay safe and keep my loved ones alert.

Plus, the alarm also has a tiny LED flashlight that you can use. I highly suggest safety alarms, especially when hiking, whether you’re traveling alone or with others.

4 Camkory digital camera

An essential for taking in the scenery

camkory welcome

camkory white background

Camkory Digital Camera

$49 $54 Save $5

The Camkory digital camera doesn’t have the fancy features of more expensive digital cameras like Kodak or Nikon, but has just enough features for beginners. The camera easily fits into your pocket or bag, making it a solid choice for a night out or while walking around.


Display Size

What’s Included
Carrying pouch, USB-C charger, battery, SD card, camera



Digital Zoom

Yes, I always have my phone on me to take pictures with but when I’m trying to save battery or when I want a more vintage aesthetic to my photos, I like having a digital camera on hand. I hate bringing super expensive items with me while I hike or stay in hostels, so I usually leave my Fujifilm X-T200 at home, which is why I love my Camkory digital camera.

camkory switzerland

The Camkory digital camera fits into your pants pocket or a fanny pack and is very easy to use. There are not many features, but the camera does give users the ability to change the size of the image, color and face detection, along with some other features.


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Sorry, millennials. Your aesthetic is vintage now, but it’s back in style and a point-and-shoot is the perfect way to achieve it.

5 Velvet Caviar MagSafe Charger

Keep your phone poweredphone charger

velvet caviar white background

Velvet Caviar MagSafe Charger

The Velvet Caviar phone charger isn’t as reliable as other phone chargers, but the MagSafe charger is slim enough to fit into your pocket or bag making it a hiking essential. The MagSafe charger typically brings my phone to a full charger before dying.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Aesthetically appealing

  • Only charges phone once
  • Short battery life

There’s nothing worse than being out and about in a new place and having your phone die. I’m not sure what they did back in the days without smartphones, but I know it’s nearly impossible for me to get around without my phone. I have several portable chargers, but most of them are too bulky to fit in my fanny pack along with my other tech items, which is why my Velvet Caviar MagSafe phone charger is my go-to portable charger while on a hike.


Best MagSafe battery packs: Expert tested and reviewed

Top-up your iPhone charge with these portable and multifunctional MagSafe battery packs from leading brands like Apple and Anker.

The MagSafe charger is slim enough to fit into my fanny pack and typically brings my phone to one full charge before dying. It’s not as strong as other phone chargers, but it gets the job done. Plus, the MagSafe charger comes in several fun designs to add some color to your phone.

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