5 Tech Savvy Ways To Care For Your Tyres

If you like to make the most of technology and also look after your car’s tyres, then what are the best methods for doing so? Read on to find out more about the high-tech solutions available today that will help to keep your tyres in good working order and to lessen your expenditure on them.

Tyre Pressure Gauges

To begin with, you do not have to take your car to the garage to establish whether or not one of your tyres is running flat. Most people just check their tyre pressure when they fill up with fuel but you can invest in a relatively inexpensive bit of kit that will allow you to confirm your tyre pressure at home. Why not purchase one and keep your tyres properly inflated to preserve their life?

Traction and Stability Control Systems

Many modern cars are fitted with traction and stability control systems. Drive your car with your system turned on. Not only will it help to prevent wheel spinning when you are pulling away but it will also help you to corner more effectively. If you apply too much power when turning, you will stress the tread on your tyres, so rely on technology to help keep the tyres working well for longer. In case you are driving in Essex or a nearby area you can get help from a reliable garage in that locality. When you do need to replace them, choose tyres in Wickford at Jet Wheel Tyre’s website where there is plenty of choice.

Automatically Adjusted Pressurisation

Some cars are able to adjust the air pressure in car tyres depending on local factors. For example, if you are on softer ground, you can automatically let some air pressure out to give you more traction. Equally, such systems can reinflate tyres when you hit the open road so you maintain grip.

Lane Departure Systems

Keeping in your lane is a safety concern. Doing so with the help of a lane departure system will also help to preserve your tyres’ lifespans. Why? Because you are less likely to run over debris or knock into kerbs when you are sticking to your lane.

Tread Depth Gauges

Finally, why not consider buying a simple piece of technology that will tell you when your tyre tread has dropped away. You just push these gauges into your tyre tread and they will tell you if there is enough left to remain legal on the road.