5 Ways to Have Fun With Friends Online

The recent pandemic has made us come up with even more innovative ways of passing the time online, but the lockdown isn’t the only situation that requires virtual gatherings. In this hectic, but fortunately digital world, we don’t have as much time as we would like to hand out with friends and family. We’re either caught up in work, have moved to a different city, or just are too tired to make that trip to the pub in the pouring rain. 

Fortunately, the internet’s got us covered. Here are some of the most fun ways to spend a memorable evening with friends, in your jammies, feet up on the sofa.

Host an online pub quiz

A virtual quiz is a great idea to make a couple of hours just fly by. You can even arrange to have a couple of drinks together while you’re at it. If you’re the quizmaster, you can prepare by doing some trivia research online and make several fun categories for your friends to enjoy. Or – each of the group can come up with the questions for their own category, so everyone gets a turn at being the leader. 

This is a great way to have fun and some healthy competition, but expand your knowledge along the way as well. All you need is your friends and a piece of paper to write down the questions and answers. You can touch upon different niches like history, fashion, geography, pop culture – there are literally hundreds of ideas to choose from. A fun night guaranteed.

Watch sports together

Your favorite team is playing an important match, but you can’t manage to gather all your friends in one place? Set up a Zoom meeting, and you can all enjoy the gameplay together. Watching the game is loads of fun with people who are supporting the same team, commenting on the players, and predicting the outcome. 

If you feel you know your team well enough, you can even place a bet and hope to win as well. However, you should always bet smart. Knowing how do betting odds work will help increase your chances of winning since they tell you how much money you could win as well as the probability of the event happening. Once you have those figured out, all that’s left is to cheer your team on and enjoy the evening with your best mates.

Online games can be a blast

If you fancy a game with friends, the internet has much to offer. Many classic board games have been digitalized, like Scrabble, for instance, and they are no less fun in 2D. You can play cards as well, almost any game imaginable, including Match Up, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, or even Uno. 

And speaking of card games, the ever-popular Cards Against Humanity game has an incredible online version hosting up to ten people fighting over who can sound the most ridiculous. 

If you’re not a fan of the classics and consider yourself a more advanced player, you can stream your favorite game (like League of Legends for instance) and immerse yourself in the virtual world for hours on end.

Sing along with virtual karaoke 

Karaoke is no longer restricted to your favorite bar and has spread across cyberspace. Thus, there is a myriad of easy-to-use, downloadable apps brimming with the classics as well as contemporary hits. 

Some of them even have competition modes, so you can take it up a notch and crown the star of the evening in the end. Whatever you may choose, singing is a proven way to bond with people and relieve stress, even if you’re doing it on your own. 

Cook together

If you and your friends share a passion for cooking, why not do it together, online? There are many ways in which you can organize this and have a blast along the way. One of those is to agree on a recipe that neither of you has prepared before, follow the instructions together and see which turns out best.

Another one is to pick random ingredients beforehand (which is a lot of fun in itself) and come up with a dish using all the ingredients. Try it together in the end, or get someone who lives with you to be the final judge. Good luck!

To sup up

These are some of the ideas you can implement for a fun night at home, and you can hardly go wrong with either one. The point is to spend some quality time with the people you love but don’t have a chance to see as often as you would like. Some nights, just an openhearted chat will do, but games nights are the ones you’ll remember most fondly.