A Bitcoin Education And Prediction

My dad was likely one of the most intelligent people I will ever know. He was the only person I have known who was invited to be a member of the Mensa Society (his IQ was 142). He turned it down, stating “I am just not a club person.”

After my dad served in the Korean War, he was asked to enroll at the United States Naval Academy. He turned that down too, stating, “Your Mother was waiting for me in Chicago.” Instead, he married my mom and earned a degree from the University of Chicago majoring in physics.

Dad was a ferocious reader and a problem solver. He fixed everything around the house himself. If he did not know how to fix something, he found a book to teach him. It was no surprise that my dad was intrigued by computers. In the 1960s he checked out numerous books from the library and started to learn more about computers.

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