A Revolutionised token powering the next generation of Web 3 Hi-tech utilities, built on Ethereum



    New York, May 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SpaceFi is an Hi-Tech product powering next generation, Web 3 utilities, built on Ethereum. The SpaceFi app is a redefined social media and lifestyle app built for both crypto and non crypto users that solves the flaws of other apps in this category. This includes the ability to play raffles for a whitelist, chat rooms (public and private), ability to record voice comments, NFTs and a jobs marketplace and more. The SpaceFi App is Powered by the SpaceFi token; the gas of its ecosystem!

    Aside from social media integration, SpaceFi has 13 Unique & Premium features all in one App; ensuring the SpaceFi App is unmatched, revolutionised and distinct from all others. These include:

    • Unique Jobs Marketplace (Freelancing) : This allows prospective employees to work both online and remotely for their employers on the app similar to Upwork and Fiverr but allows for payments in cryptocurrency!

    • NFT Marketplace :  SpaceFi will have its own unique NFT Marketplace, SpaceDome, featuring 500 high class NFT’s and will allow users to trade and post their own collections.

    • Space Chat : A messaging feature that allows users to text one another privately or in groups.

    • Space News: A newsstand within the App that allows users to get the latest crypto related news. This has FUD and FOMO button clicks allowing users to vote on the impact of the news on the marketplace as well as an Up-Vote and Down-Vote feature.

    • Wallets: SpaceFi official wallet is within the App, where users will receive airdrops, rewards and can store and use their tokens for payments. The App contains a wallet connect feature with specially designed Web3 integration for the import and use of other cryptocurrencies.

    • Reward system : SpaceFi rewards users with tokens for daily activities on its SpaceFi app and offers different and unique badge icons determined by the amount of tokens held in the user’s wallet.

    • Launchpad: It’s unique SpacePad assisting unique hand-picked projects interested in fundraising along with full support and marketing.

    • Staking : NFTs and SpaceFi tokens can be staked with 100%+ APR.

    • Audit & KYC services (SpaceCheck): Includes a project auditing system, audit certificate and full KYC (protecting investors from scams and Rugpulls) which will be awarded with the SpaceCheck audit badge.

    • Mini Games : Non-complex games within the App chat where users can play for fun and use their SpaceFi tokens for rewards and level ups.

    • Groups: Rooms on SpaceFi are redesigned with special features missing in other apps such as the ability to play raffles for a whitelist and the ability to voice record comments.

    • Casino games: These are casino themed games which are redesigned for more advanced users containing bigger risks and bigger rewards.

    • Cybersecurity:A complete firm in the SpaceFi app that fights against online crimes and comes to the rescue of those affected.

    The Market

    Our target market is broad and focused on crypto and non crypto users alike. It offers a familiar, secure, and effective environment for our users. SpaceFi plans to capitalise on the incredible adoption rate of cryptocurrency and bring features and utilities that solve real problems in the marketplace. Top global and influential advisors to be onboarded as development progresses.


    The team is comprised of experienced crypto geeks who have been in the crypto space for years and have achieved success in their crypto endeavours in addition to proficient and skilled developers.

    Media Links:

    Website : https://spacefi.app

    Telegram: https://t.me/spacefiapp

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/spacefiapp

    Instagram: https://Instagram.com/spacefiapp

    Medium: https://medium.com/@spacefiapp

    CONTACT: business (at) spacefi.app support (at) spacefi.app enquiry (at) spacefi.app

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