Acefast Z4 218W Review

AceFast isn’t the most popular brand, but it produces high-quality earbuds and chargers with unique designs. Standing out in a busy market of phone chargers isn’t an easy feat, but the company makes it work with its unique designs that remind me of the days of see-through electronics. The Z4 PD218W Power Station is no different, featuring an LCD information display that is partially see-through, offering a new and convenient way to control fast-charging multiple devices at once.



Acefast Z4 218W 4-Port Charging Station

The Acefast Z4 218W 4-port charging station features 3 USB-C ports and a single USB-A ports and delivers a combined total power output of 218 watts, making it a great charging solution for your desktop. 


  • Compact design
  • Affordable power station
  • LCD display that shows power outputs


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Price, Specs, Availability

The AceFast Z4 PD218W Power Station is available for $80 from Amazon. You can also pick it up from Acefast’s website for the same price, although at the time of writing, it’s only in stock at Amazon. At $80, it’s one of the most affordable power stations out there. I own a similar power station, the UGreen 200W Nexode, which retails at $170.

What I like about the AceFast Z4 218W

Design and build qualityAn image of the Acefast Z4 218W power station.

Desktop power stations are designed to keep all of your devices charged while you work, and the AceFast Z4 218W is great at exactly that. While desktop power stations aren’t as popular as car chargers, there’s still an abundance to choose from, and many cost less than $80, so what justifies the $80 price tag on the AceFast Z4 218W?

To start, the Z4 218W can charge four devices simultaneously, with three USB Type-C ports and a single USB Type-A port. It’s also not too bulky, measuring just 102 x 94 x 45mm, so it doesn’t take up that much space on a desk surface. It also features a unique design in a saturated market of plain charging stations.

It’s a compact gray box with a single power cable coming from the rear, and an acrylic window shows the circuits and wiring behind the panel. Next to the window is a single button that allows you to change the amount of power being directed to each port. The overall build quality feels very solid. There are rubber feet at the bottom of the Z4, so you don’t need to worry about it sliding around on your desktop’s surface.

The color LCD display measures 1.33-inches and shows you the charging status of all ports, labeled C1 through C3 for the USB-C ports, and A1 for the USB Type-A port. Pressing the button next to the screen changes the power mode.

Here are the maximum outputs of each port in each mode:

Mode A 100W 65W 30W 18W
Mode B 65W 65W 65W 18W
Mode C 100W 100W 18W
Mode D 100W 100W 18W

This feature allows you to limit the power output of each port manually. This is especially useful if you have two high-powered devices, such a laptop and a tablet charging at the same time, but want to prioritize just the laptop for fast-charging. The screen also lets you see how much power is going to each device, so you always know which is prioritized.

Individual devices charged with no problem on the unit I was sent. A MacBook Pro 14-inch M2 plugged into port C1 took full advantage of the 100W port, but remember, the MacBook Pro 14-inch M2 is capped at 67W charging.

The real test came when I used all four ports simultaneously. For testing purposes, I had my 2022 M2 MacBook plugged into port C1, an iPhone 15 Pro Max plugged into port C2, a Fujifilm X-T30 battery plugged into C3, and a ReMarkable 2 tablet plugged into the single USB Type-A port, A1. Each device received a reliable charge throughout my testing process, and while using a USB power meter, my readings lined up with what the device showed.

I also didn’t notice any issues with heat related to the Z4 218W. While the charging station got a bit warm when all four devices were charging at once, it wasn’t any warmer than others I’ve used. It wasn’t so hot that it became uncomfortable to handle, and I had no significant issues with it being used as a charging hub on my living room couch.


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What I don’t like about the AceFast Z4 218W

Cables don’t come for freeA picture of the Acefast Z4 218W charger unplugged with no cables plugged in.

Overall, I don’t have any major complaints about the AceFast Z4 218W. As I’ve highlighted, it delivers a great charging experience, even with four devices plugged into all four of the ports. However, seeing at least a single USB-C cable included with the device for free would have been nice.

It’s not a dealbreaker by any means, and I had more than enough extra USB-C cables lying around the house when I received my unit that I didn’t need a cable, but you should be aware before purchasing that you’ll need your own cables.



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Should you buy the AceFast Z4 218W?

A compact charging station that delivers enough power to keep me going all dayAn image of the Acefast Z4 218W power station surrounded by an iPhone, PlayStation 5 Remote, Nintendo Switch, and charging cables.

The Acefast Z4 218W does a great job at keeping your devices charged, and it doesn’t break the bank while doing so. For $80, it’s noticeably less expensive than comparable 218W power stations, which typically cost around $170. I’ve been using the Z4 218W that Acefast sent me for the past few months, and I use it every day to keep my phone charged while working at my desk. I also frequently use it in my living room to keep game controllers, my phone, and a tablet charged.

For its price, the Acefast Z4 218W is one of the best charging stations on the market.


Acefast Z4 218W 4-Port Charging Station


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