NEW YORK, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, actor, designer and skateboarder Evan Mock announced the creation of $MAHCOIN, his own proprietary cryptocurrency, or social token, developed with P00LS, the leading social token platform. Mock, star of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl, and renowned skateboarder, surfer and serial-collaborator for culture-defining brands, is among the earliest wave of creators stepping into Web3 by debuting a comprehensive social token strategy with P00LS, including soccer legend Ronaldinho, fashion photographer and artist Hugo Comte, and DJ and producer Aluna. This social token infrastructure will inform all of Mock’s future projects, including his forthcoming fashion collection, Wahine, empowering both Mock and his community to unlock value in perpetuity. The token will be available to earn for free on the P00LS platform as of 12 PM ET today.


With the launch of $MAHCOIN a play on slang from his native Hawaii as well as his last name— Mock is transforming his avid fan base into a global, integrated community aligned around his creative universe, projects and vision. From the skate community, to fashion aficionados, to fans of Gossip Girl, Mock’s followers now have a common platform that affords them unprecedented access to Mock himself and his community with a host of utilities and perks exclusive to token holders. These include behind-the-scenes content from the Gossip Girl set, early access to his forthcoming fashion collection, access to his “close friends” story on Instagram, tickets to premieres, and access to”MAH WORLD,” Mock’s hybrid metaverse-IRL creative universe, among others.

In conjunction with this first-of-its-kind social token strategy, Mock has also announced his new clothing collection, entitled “Wahine,” in collaboration with stylist Donté McGuine, launching later this month. While the limited edition items will be available to all for purchase, holders of the $MAHCOIN token will have early access to purchase all the items of the collection and to an exclusive Wahine t-shirt giveaway, as well as discounts on the collection.

Evan Mock has partnered with social token platform, P00LS, for the launch of $MAHCOIN. As part of the P00LS protocol, Mock’s day-one fans and famous friends alike have the opportunity to secure their place in his community by earning his tokens for free on the P00LS launchpad. Through completing various actions—i.e., streaming his videos, learning about Mock’s vision and creative projects, as well as sharing his work and interacting with Mock directly—community members earn tokens without ever having to pay for them. In this way, Mock has pioneered a new, highly innovative Web3 creative strategy that brings his community closer to his projects, drawing them into his larger creative world. $MAHCOIN is an ERC-20 token and will be listed on the P00LS decentralized exchange later this year, where it can be earned and traded on Ethereum.

Mock is the latest creator to launch with P00LS, the premier tool for accessing creator and community value. Founded in 2021 by French crypto entrepreneur, Hugo Renaudin, P00LS is the leading community-first Web3 protocol for creator cryptocurrencies. P00LS partners with talent and brands to launch their own social token, distribute it to their communities and list it on the P00LS decentralized exchange, where it can be earned and traded on Ethereum.

About Evan Mock: A pink-haired multihyphenate hailing from Hawaii, Mock has created a brand that extends to almost every corner of culture, from fashion weeks to skate parks to surf beaches around the globe. As an in-demand model, Mock has starred in numerous campaigns and most notably walked the runway in Paris for Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring-Summer 2020 Show. Evan Mock is a creative force, renowned actor, fashion designer and serial collaborator with culture-defining brands such as RVCA, Pandora, Mattel and many more in addition to the launch of his own streetwear brand Sorry in Advance.

About P00LS: P00LS is the leading community-first, decentralized protocol for creator cryptocurrencies. We enable creators and brands to launch their proprietary token, distribute it to their communities, and list it on the P00LS decentralized exchange, where it can be earned and traded on Ethereum. Partnering with P00LS means incentivizing audiences and fanbases to consume creator and brand content, while empowering them to promote, share, and scale it. With P00LS—the premier tool for accessing creator value—money is no longer the only currency.

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