Add wireless charging to almost any table with Ikea’s new Sjömärke pad


    Wireless charging is finally a convenient technology that is getting almost as fast as wired charging on smartphones from Xiaomi and OnePlus, but its accessories just help to clutter the desk or bedside table. Ikea has put some thought into this conundrum and come up with the Sjömärke, a wireless charging pad that you can attach to the underside of a table or surface.

    Priced at $40, the Sjömärke pad conforms to the latest Qi 1.2.4 baseline power profile which should be good for 5W charging and boasts an LED to show charging status if you happen to be looking underneath the table at it.

    The 127 x 43mm charging pad can be stuck using double-sided tape or you can screw it to the underside of the surface (you’ll need to supply the fittings). The surface needs to be wood or plastic and between 8-22mm thick for optimal charging output. The pad comes with a six-foot power cord, as well as stickers for the topside so you know where to best place your phone or earbuds case.

    The Sjömärke wireless charging pad goes on sale in the US and other regions during October for $39.99.

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