AirTag leads California police to a stolen golf cart in latest free ad for Apple

If you have a golf cart (or anything, really), you should probably hide an AirTag somewhere inside of it. In a post on Instagram last week, the Rialto Police Department in California shared the story of how they tracked down a stolen golf cart thanks to a hidden AirTag.

The department explains that officers responded to a report of a stolen golf cart at the Rialto Marketplace Shopping Mall. “After completing their work shift, a security guard parked the golf cart in its designated area,” according to Rialto officers. “Upon returning for the next shift, their coworker discovered the golf cart had been stolen.”

Unbeknownst to the thief, however, there was an AirTag attached to the golf cart that police were able to use to track it down (via KTLA5):

Video surveillance captured a male driving the golf cart away from the location. Unbeknownst to the suspect, the golf cart had an Apple Airtag attached to it. Through further investigation, officers were able to track the golf cart in the area of N. Meridian Avenue and W. San Bernardino Avenue in the City of Colton. Officers responded to the area and recovered the stolen vehicle, as well as located a subject matching the description of the male observed in the video surveillance footage.

This is just one of many examples of Apple’s AirTag item tracker being used to find stolen property. Seriously, you should buy a few of them and put them everywhere possible. In fact, a four-pack is on sale on Amazon for 20% off.

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