Amazon’s already dropped a Prime Day deal on the PlayStation Portal

Amazon’s Prime Day sales event doesn’t officially kick off until next week, but it’s already dropped a top deal on the red hot PlayStation Portal.

The online retailer is selling Sony’s handheld game streaming device for £179 right now. For some reason the listing states that this is a 4% saving on a £186.03 RRP, but the last time we checked Sony was selling its baby for £199.

That’s more like a 10% discount, unless my GCSE-level maths fails me.

Save 10% on the PlayStation Portal

Save 10% on the PlayStation Portal

The PlayStation Portal is selling at a 10% discount on Amazon right now.

  • Amazon
  • Save 10%
  • Now £179

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This is for a product that has been selling like hotcakes since its launch in November. It’s easy to see why. Our reviewed gave it a 4 out of 5 review, calling it “a brilliant Remote Play device”.

It’s not the full PS Vita follow-up we’re all secretly craving, but it does do a bang up job of taking the gaming goodness of your PS5 console and beaming it onto a compact 8-inch FHD+ LCD display.

The beauty of this being an official Sony product is that the control sections either side of that display are essentially a DualSense controller split in half. this means you get the same high-quality controls, including those inimitable haptic trigger buttons.

We reckon that the PlayStation Portal has another chapter to come, and that it’ll get even better over time. If Sony doesn’t add the ability to stream games independently of your PS5, we’ll be surprised. The capabilities are right there, and like we said, the Portal has been a hit.

In other words, the PlayStation Portal is a safe purchase for the future, especially at this new cut price.

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