Amazon’s New Echo Hub Simplifies Controlling Your Smart Home

The Echo Hub is officially on sale starting today. Should it spark your curiosity, here are some details about the device and its capabilities.

Connect and Control All Your Smart Devices

Amazon's New Echo Hub Simplifies Controlling Your Smart Home 4
Image: Amazon

Amazon Echo Hub supports plenty of connectivity protocols – Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Sidewalk, Zigbee, and Matter, to name. Regardless of the make or manufacturer, if your device supports any of these networks, you can link it to Echo Hub.

The touchscreen lets you take control of your connected smart devices, such as lights, switches, thermostats, clocks, and more. And if you’re too lazy to handle it manually, you can ask Alexa to do it for you.

Owing to the 8-inch touchscreen and built-in speakers, the Echo Hub also allows for media consumption. You can watch your favorite videos, movies, or shows or listen to music. However, don’t expect high-quality audio from the speakers, given the compact size of the smart controller.

A Smart, Customizable Dashboard Experience

The Echo Hub conveniently displays all your connected devices on its home dashboard. It even features an infrared scanner to open the dashboard when it senses someone nearby automatically.

Whether turning the lights or appliances on/off, changing music, seeing who’s at your door, or controlling your thermostat, the widgets on your home dashboard make tasks quick and easy. Personalization comes into play, allowing you to add, remove, or rearrange your widgets.

Accessing your Routines is a click away from the dashboard, and once triggered, each Routine initiates a series of customizable actions that can be customized through the Alexa app.

No Compromise on Security

Amazon's New Echo Hub Simplifies Controlling Your Smart Home 5

The Echo Hub simplifies the monitoring of all your smart security devices. Thanks to the Multiview feature, you can simultaneously view up to four of your connected live cameras on your screen.

The smart display also integrates well with Ring’s products. The possibilities are extensive, whether you’re viewing still snapshots from its smart security cameras or doorbells or toggling your Ring Alarm.

Moreover, you can even set up custom routines with your security devices. For instance, saying ‘Alexa, goodbye’ after leaving your house could trigger actions like arming your alarm, turning off the lights and appliances, and locking your doors.

Amazon Echo Hub: Availability and Price

Commencing today, Amazon has started the sales of the Echo Hub. It is priced at £169.99 in the UK, $179.99 in the US, and CA$239.99 in Canada. The Echo Hub seems to be a good option if you are looking for a smart display to control your smart home devices.

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