Android 15 Could Fix The Pixel 8 Pro’s Janky Scrolling

Google may be playing a bad prank on users

Google has marked the stuttery scroll problem on the Pixel 8 series as fixed, even though it isn’t. In a statement on the Issue Tracker thread, the fix is supposedly coming with Android 15, which won’t be available for months. 

Android 15 logo on smartphoneAndroid 15 logo on smartphone
Image: TalkAndroid

It means that you’ll have to deal with jerky scrolling until then, which is a major usability downgrade on a high-end phone. As today mark’s April Fool’s, it’s the worst time for Google to deliver such a blow. We can’t tell if they’re being serious or just inefficient. 

Ongoing optimizations in performance and power are slated for the next Android release. These include improvements positively impacting overall system UI jank as well as use cases tied to some Android applications.

Google, via Issue Tracker

Ideally, Google should be transparent about the problem’s status and publicly acknowledge it, rather than quietly marking it as “fixed”. Not only is the company downplaying the problem, but it’s breaking user trust. Frankly, they’ve become sloppy at addressing problems lately.

While not as common as with the Pixel 8 series, there were reports from some Pixel 7 series users experiencing similar scroll issues. It happened months before the Pixel 8’s problem came to light. Google made a similar statement on the Issue Tracker after four months, saying that they would rectify it in the next update.

Hand holding Google Pixel 8 smartphoneHand holding Google Pixel 8 smartphone
Image: Google

Pixel Fold users were also the targets for a scrolling inertia problem. It made their phones barely usable. Scrolling aside, there was another bug that wreaked havoc in January. It basically locked you out of your phone’s storage.

Considering the inconsistencies in responses and solutions, it’s worth avoiding a Pixel phone purchase — until there are significant improvements, at least.

Android 15 is too far for a bug fix

Android 15 update schedule 2024Android 15 update schedule 2024
Image Credit: Google

The Android 15 Preview program began in February, and is scheduled to run until the final public release later this year. However, it may take longer as unexpected delays tend to occur. For now, all we can do is check for software updates regularly. Basic troubleshooting steps like rebooting in safe mode, performing soft resets, and clearing app caches may help you manage until then.

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