Apple AirPods Pro 3 release date, price, features, and news

Note: We’re displaying photos of the previous generation for reference

If you’re interested in learning about the AirPods Pro 3, also known as AirPods Pro (3rd generation) – you’re in the right place! Stay tuned to this page, as we’ll continuously update it as more information about Apple‘s upcoming true wireless earbuds comes out, whether it’s leaks, rumors, or official.Jump to section:

AirPods Pro 3 release date

Apple’s 3rd generation AirPods Pro are likely to come out sometime between September and October of 2024. While there are still no leaks, rumors, nor official information to confirm their release date yet, we can reasonably expect this to be a correct assumption, based on Apple’s consistent AirPods Pro release schedule up until now, which you can check out below:

AirPods Pro 3 price

Currently we can expect the AirPods Pro 3 to cost $249, just like their predecessor, the AirPods Pro (2nd generation). While price increases or decreases are always possible, depending on how radically different the 3rd-gen AirPods may be from the 2nd-gen, as of right now there’s nothing to suggest this being the case. Stay tuned for updates!

AirPods Pro 3 design

Based on the first and second-gen AirPods Pro, we can expect the AirPods Pro 3 to have very minor differences, instead staying virtually identical to the 2nd-gen ones. As always, most of the upgrades will likely be internal. However, since we have plenty of time until the AirPods Pro 3 are released, it’s possible that Apple’s design language will change, and that would reflect on them. Stay tuned for any updates on that.

But for now, we can expect the AirPods Pro 3 to feature a familiar, white, rounded-square plastic case with an LED on the front, a lanyard loop on the side, and a speaker on the bottom. Potentially the biggest change on the AirPods Pro 3 case could be the charging port, which is likely to switch from Lightning to the more universally-adopted USB Type-C format. In addition, since these will have wireless charging, Apple could drop the charging port altogether in favor of it only.

As for the AirPods Pro 3 earbuds themselves, once again we can expect something quite similar, if not identical to the 2nd-gen AirPods (shown for reference). This means tiny white plastic AirPods Pro 3 earbuds, with a few black and metallic elements, rubber eartips (three sizes included), and a touch-sensitive stem. Or more accurately, squeeze-sensitive.

Apple would likely strive to make the earbuds and their case smaller, but we’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case. Stay tuned for any potential upcoming leaks confirming this theory.

AirPods Pro 3 hardware and specs

These are the specs we can reasonably expect for the AirPods Pro 3, but once again, stay tuned for updates and more concrete information later on.

  • Apple H3 headphone chip
  • Apple U2 chip in MagSafe Charging Case
  • Sweat and water resistant (IPX4) for AirPods Pro 3 earbuds and charging case
  • Wireless charging with MagSafe, Apple Watch charger, or any Qi-certified chargers
  • Wired charging via USB Type-C or Lightning (yet to be determined)

AirPods Pro 3 battery life

While improvements on battery life can be expected, right now the most likely scenario is that the AirPods Pro 3 will feature similar, if not exactly the same promise of up to 30 hours of listening time on a single charge we’ve come to expect.

Battery life of the earbuds standalone: Up to 6 hours of listening time with a single charge (up to 5.5 hours with Spatial Audio and Head Tracking enabled)
Battery life with the case: Up to 30 hours of listening time, up to 24 hours of talk time

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