Apple beats Microsoft, regains the title of US most valuable firm

Apple CEO Tim Cook and an aerial view of Apple Park

Apple’s AI announcements at WWDC have sent its stock rising and it has once more become the most valuable company in America, knocking Microsoft off the top spot.

While Nvidia has become a third player in this game, it’s been chiefly Microsoft and Apple that have vied for the title of most valuable company. Both firms have a market cap of $3 trillion, and at times during the last year have been within $100 billion of each other.

But following its WWDC 2024 announcements, Apple’s stock initially dipped, then rose again to hit a record high price. By the close of market on Tuesday, Apple’s stock price was $207.15, a rise of 7.26% on the day, and already closing in on Microsoft.

As a sign of just how much Apple has grown, at the launch of the iPad in 2010, Steve Jobs announced that the company was now worth more than $50 billion. That’s sixty times less than today, but then as now, Apple repeatedly says it doesn’t focus on the stock price.

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