Apple devices and IGMP Snooping on, or off?

Hey all, I have a topic that’s been discussed before, but most of what I can find is quite a few years old. Also I wasn’t sure which category to add this to, so I figured I’d add it to iOS because it can apply to multiple devices.
With this said:

Most of the old articles out there that discuss this topic state that IMGP Snooping can affect the performance of AirPlay, or screen mirroring.
The articles I’ve read through also say to leave it off unless you need it. My question is, when using devices that are current with the setting both on, or off, I haven’t noticed a difference in functionality on a home network. Does the stuff written years back still apply to modern networks, or is it now obsolete info? I’m asking here, because I haven’t found any good recent articles with updated info to go by.

The other reason I’m asking is, I recently got an Asus RT-AX86U, and it has a lot more to adjust than cheaper routers, which I was looking for. However it’s hard to figure out which settings apply, and which don’t. I’ve narrowed down what settings to use based on spec sheets I’ve read, and what type of devices are on the network. However, this IGMP and multicast can still be a bit confusing at times as sometimes it seems like it might apply, when it really doesn’t.

Thanks for any help.

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