Apple Fitness+ teams up with Gympass

It was recently announced that Gympass, a leader in corporate wellness, would be integrating Apple Fitness+ for its subscribers with a Basic plan and above, giving them access to everything Apple Fitness+ has to offer. Head below to learn more.

What is Gympass?

Gympass is known for offering employees “flexible access to gyms, studios, classes, trainers, and wellness apps – all in one benefit,” and with more than 15,000 companies that utilize Gympass, it has become a behemoth in the corporate wellness space.

The way that it works is simple: Companies pay Gympass a fee based on the number of employees, and then a plan is built around that company’s goals for its individual wellness program. Then, Gympass is rolled out to employees, and once the rollout is complete, employees can access thousands of gyms, a variety of wellness apps, live-streaming workouts, personal (virtual) training, and more.

The amount of options available to employees is dependent on the employee Gympass plans, which range from a free Digital Plan all the way up to a Diamond Plan that costs $280/month – as you go up in price-per-month, the options available become more expensive and exclusive (i.e. a Starter+ plan has access to LA Fitness, and a Silver Plan has access to The Bar Method). It’s important to note that companies and organizations that work with Gympass financially contribute to their employees’ health and wellness, but that doesn’t mean Gympass is free for employees. Employees choose their own plans that interest them and decide how much they want to pay per month.

Because of the scientifically-backed correlation between exercise and job performance, Gympass is an excellent way for employers to encourage health and wellness within the workspace.

Apple Fitness+ (plus) Gympass

As a refresher, Apple Fitness+ is an app within the Fitness app that is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch; it includes 12 types of workouts from beginner to advanced, with exercises that include HIIT workouts, yoga, meditation, and more. Anyone can try Apple Fitness+ free for one month, at which point the subscription goes to $9.99/month.

Now, Gympass subscribers with Basic Plans and above can reap the benefits of Apple Fitness+ as a part of their employer’s wellbeing program. Cesar Carvalho, CEO and cofounder of Gympass:

Gympass more than doubles the number of employees engaged with wellness, thanks to the breadth of our global partner network and the attractive prices of our plans that cost 30-50% less than traditional gym memberships. We’re excited to strengthen our proven ability to drive employee enrollment by providing access to Apple Fitness+ across more than 15,000 corporate clients and millions of employees globally.

Does your company use Gympass? What are your thoughts on the integration of Apple Fitness+? Let us know in the comments below!

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