Apple led the global tablet market in Q3 2020; Huawei slipped to fourth place

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the demand for tablets continued to sustain even in Q3 2020. According to the latest report by IDC, the global tablet shipments reached 47.6 million units in the last quarter with 24.9% YoY growth. Apple continued to be the market leader, whereas Huawei slipped to fourth place.

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As per the report, Apple shipped 13.9 million iPads in Q3 2020. The company’s growth increased by 17.4% YoY and captured 29.2% of the market. The iPad 7th Generartion (2019) and iPad 8th Generation (2020) shipped the most

In the second place with 9.4 million units, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab shipments improved by 89.2% YoY and the company accounted for 19.8% of the market. During this period, the brand introduced Galaxy Tab S7+ 5G as one of the first global 5G-enabled tablets. 


Further in third place, Amazon acquired an 11.4% market share with 5.4 million units in shipments despite declining by 1.2% YoY.  The Fire HD 8 2020 accounted for most of the shipments, closely followed by the 10.1-inch model. The Kids Edition of both these tablets also did well.

Despite 32.9% YoY growth, Huawei dropped to the fourth position with 4.9 million shipments and a 10.2% market share. The company’s decline was mostly due to Amazon’s better performance than Q2 2020. Nevertheless, Huawei’s tablet business is uncertain without component suppliers and GMS (Google Mobile Services).

Global Tablet Shipments Q3 2020 IDC

Last but not least, Lenovo continued to remain in fifth place with an 8.4% market share. The company shipped 4.1 million units with 62.4% YoY growth.



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