Apple Music celebrates Rosh Hashanah with curated playlists

To celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, Apple Music has collaborated with Israeli artists to celebrate music and look back on the year that is ending, as well as to look ahead at the next one. 

The collaboration includes exclusive playlists compiled from some of today’s biggest Israeli musicians, a new editorial playlist, debut albums, timeless classics, and family-friendly music.

Apple worked with six Israeli artists, who were asked to choose songs that made their year. The exclusive playlists will launch on August 26 and will be available until after Rosh Hashanah. 

Some of the artists who created playlists for Apple Music are Omer Adam, Noa Kirel, Ella Lee, Berry Sakharof and several more.

“I’m happy that even during this difficult year, music has won and there’s been a continued release of great songs here,” said Berry Sakharof. “These are some of the songs I loved this year.”

Omer Adam (credit: MOSHE NACHUMOVICH/ PR)Omer Adam (credit: MOSHE NACHUMOVICH/ PR)

Along with the curated artist playlists, Apple Music introduced a new editorial playlist called Generation Next, featuring up-and-coming Israeli artists from all genres. 

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