Apple snails causing problems in Louisiana

    Invasive apple snails have become a recent problem for some residents and fishermen parts Vermilion and Jeff Davis Parish.

    Apple snails are native to South America. They appeared for the first time in Louisiana over 10 years ago and now can be found in freshwater, lakes, and rivers.

    Since apple snails have gills and lungs they can live underwater and above ground.

    Since arriving in Louisiana, this has caused a problem for crawfish fishermen.

    In parts of Jeff Davis Parish, fishermen and residents have gathered over 100 sacks of apple snails.

    Residents in the area say this has gotten out of hand.

    Gerald Brunt, a resident in the area says these snails will get into his back yard and this would affect the way he allows his grandchildren to play outside.

    “At night they come out of the water, and they lay their eggs and there could possibly be a parasite in the eggs. So, I must watch for the kids to make sure they don’t touch the eggs. They have them on the stomps of the cypress trees and their egg pouches are really pink and pretty. So, kids might want to touch them, and you should not do that because you could have that parasite inside that could harm your body,” said Gerald Brunt

    Experts from the Louisiana College of Agriculture warn citizens in Louisiana about the risks associated with human consumption. The snails also can contain rat lungworm, a parasite that can be fatal.

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