Apple TV+ Thanksgiving Holiday Viewing Guide

It’s (almost) Thanksgiving! Congratulations, you’ve made it to the holidays! In between the turkey eating and family catch-ups, there is room for some downtime. Apple TV+ has lots of content suitable for all the family during this season.

Let’s start with a classic. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is essential viewing, and available on Apple TV+. Peppermint Patty decides everyone is going to Charlie Brown’s house, even though he has other plans…including Snoopy. Cue the usual chaos.

Speaking of classics…the Fraggles are back! All episodes of the all-new Fraggle Rock – Rock On are available on Apple TV+, as are the 88 original episodes. Entertainment for kids, nostalgia for the older generations – perfect Thanksgiving viewing!

The holiday season is all about kindness, and that’s something Jack McBrayer knows a lot about. In Hello Jack! The Kindness Show, a recent addition to the Apple TV+ roster of kids shows, he tries to spread happiness, creativity, and compassion with his friends.

It’s already been a blockbuster hit for Apple TV+, but if you haven’t yet seen it Tom Hanks movie Finch is worth considering. His character unites with a robot and a dog to try and make it safety after a solar flare strikes. This is a PG-13 movie, so not one for younger kids.

When you’re done with Thanksgiving on Thursday, you can get ready for Christmas! ‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas will premiere on Apple TV+ on Friday. It’s a modern take on a classic Christmas fable, as a row between neighbours ends up in court.

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