Apple Watch to Track New Biometrics

The latest Apple Watch is expected to add a slew of health and movement-tracking features as the tech giant prepares its next move in an ongoing fitness play.

The seventh iteration of Apple’s signature wearable will reportedly allow users to track:

  • Blood pressure
  • Wrist temperature
  • Upgrades to its sleep tracking and irregular heartbeat monitoring features.
  • The watch already tracks heart rate, cardio fitness, walking speed, distance,  symmetry, and other movement metrics.

Certain features will be available immediately, while others will roll out as software upgrades next year. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in February that he believes the company’s greatest legacy will be in health and wellness, adding “The future of health is on your wrist.”

The Apple Watch integrates with Apple Fitness+, a $9.99 per month subscription fitness class service allowing users to see their biometrics on screen as they work out. Peloton, perhaps thinking along the same lines, is working on a fitness tracking wearable.

Tech giants and startups are crowding into the health and fitness wearables space. Facebook is working on a wearable with fitness tracking features. Google, which shares a wearable technology platform with Samsung, acquired Fitbit in January for $2.1 billion. 

This week, WHOOP announced a $200 million Series F and acquired weight-lift tracking technology company PUSH.

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