Apple’s 5G iPhone SE 3 Is Coming Soon, New Leaks Say

Rumors that Apple’s iPhone SE 3 is coming soon have been corroborated. With 5G and other upgrades expected, the new one is worth waiting for.

The iPhone SE is a great way to get started with Apple products, but anyone considering a purchase might want to hold off as it seems the third-generation model is on the way and arriving soon. The iPhone SE is the lowest cost model in Apple’s smartphone lineup, offering good build quality, nice performance, and access to Apple’s ecosystem at a very affordable price. While Apple has been accused of being overly expensive, the iPhone SE stands as a perfect example of how that thinking is outdated.

Apple’s ecosystem is self-feeding but it doesn’t exist simply to provide the company with more cash. iPhone owners get good value from this integrated experience. An iPad is better when the user also owns an iPhone since photos can be transferred with AirDrop. An Apple Watch syncs up quickly and easily with an iPhone, bringing health and fitness results to the Health app automatically and letting the Apple Watch answer iPhone calls via the wrist. It’s easy to stop work on an iPhone and pick it up on a MacBook via Apple’s Continuity features. As Apple says, ‘it just works.’


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A new iPhone SE is expected to arrive within months and earlier leaks have placed the launch in the spring of 2022. This has been confirmed and narrowed with a recent Tweet from supply chain analyst Ross Young. Production of the display panels for the iPhone SE will begin this month, according to Young, going on to explain that the bulk of the device manufacturing is likely to begin in March. That puts the launch toward the end of April or possibly early in May, making it about three months to go before the upgrade which should be worth the wait. Young also responded to some questions in the Twitter thread, stating this will not be an OLED screen and the size will remain at 4.7 inches.

Worth Waiting For The 2022 iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE 2020 Second Generation

The great thing about the iPhone SE is that it opens the door to a wide range of other Apple products and costs just $399, making room in the budget for an Apple Watch or AirPods. There’s no guarantee that Apple will keep such an enticing price but the upcoming model is rumored to have 5G support. This is all the more valuable now considering Verizon and AT&T have launched C-Band, bringing closer the promise of much faster mobile internet. Earlier leaks suggest that the new iPhone SE will be upgraded to an A15 processor which is the same one used in Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The 2022 iPhone SE is expected to come with a Home button, which limits screen size. On the other hand, the Home button has several advantages. Most notably, the phone can be unlocked with Touch ID, which is plenty fast and doesn’t care if the user is wearing a mask. A single rear camera gives the iPhone SE a cleaner, understated look that’s refreshing. While zooming in or going wide with the iPhone 13 Pro is important for some people, others just want a simple, basic camera. Overall, the iPhone SE provides good quality photos and a solid smartphone experience with Apple’s enhanced level of integration.

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Source: Ross Young/Twitter

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