AR Price Analysis: Bullish Recovery for the AR Token Price

  • AR token price continues to grow within a bullish engulfing candle above the critical resistance level of $50.
  • AR trades above all the crucial EMAs moving higher in a bullish alignment, projecting bulls are overpowered.
  • The token pair AR/BTC trades with a gain of +16.21% at 0.001189 BTC.

The AR token price increased by more than 50% after finding the high demand at $33 support within the past 72 hours. The token price has moved above the critical resistance level at $50. The crypto asset could also rise above $60 as bullish momentum increases.

The crypto asset is higher than all Exponential Moving Averages that project an uptrend. These EMAs are support levels for investors in the unlikely event of a bearish reversal. The recent price rise has enabled the EMAs to align with bullish signals.

If the price sustains above $50, investors could see a price increase of 20%-30%. Investors could also see a drop of the same or worse magnitude if prices fall dramatically.

The AR Token trades at $52.09 and has experienced a +17.26% decrease in market capital within the last day. However, it suggests an increasing growth rate as the price rises above a critical resistance.

AR’s intraday trading volume has increased by 43% over the past 24 hours, which indicates a rise in interest from investors with bullish intentions.

Growing Uptrend In AR Price Chart

The price chart for the 4-hour shows that AR token prices experienced an increase in trading volume. Thus, bullish momentum continues to drive the price action. The formation of bullish candlesticks continues with the gap up openings is a clear sign.

Technical analysis of AR price action indicates that a bullish breakout may have difficulty rising above $60-$75. If prices breach the 50-day EMA, the bearish tendency may drop from 30% to 50%.

As the RSI crosses the overbought area, bullish momentum is evident by the RSI spike.

The ADX indicator indicates a surge in momentum for the price trend.

The trend is strengthening, and overall bullishness is increasing, according to ADX & RSI.

Conclusion – The AR token price is in an uptrend as it continues to grow with bullish momentum. If investors are interested in entering, they should wait until the coin price closes above the $40 or return to the 20-day EMA.

Support – $45 and $40

Resistance – $60 and $75

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