“Banjo fans, I hear you,” Xbox offers a roadmap for getting new Banjo Kazooie, StarCraft, and other classic Microsoft-owned games

What you need to know

  • Recently, we conducted an exclusive interview with Microsoft Gaming CEO and Xbox lead Phil Spencer. 
  • In the interview we discussed Xbox hardware, cloud gaming, and Microsoft’s trajectory for 2024. 
  • We also discussed classic franchises like Banjo and StarCraft, and Spencer offered some thoughts on how these types of projects get explored, and ultimately greenlit. 

Our Top Gaming Recommendations

Microsoft now owns ZeniMax, Microsoft owns Activision, Microsoft owns Blizzard. With all of these things comes decades, anywhere up to 40 years’ worth, of dormant video game franchises. Microsoft has shown itself willing to revive even “niche” properties games like Age of Empires and Killer Instinct, when other publishers would shy away from doing so. What makes Microsoft different? And what does that mean for classic games like Banjo-Kazooie, StarCraft, and more? 

Well, we recently got the opportunity to ask the head of Xbox himself. 

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