Battlefield 2042 delayed to November 19

DICE and Electronic Arts’ upcoming near-future first-person shooter Battlefield 2042 is delayed to November 19, 2021, the team confirmed via Twitter. Battlefield 2042 was originally slated to arrive on Oct 22, but like many other games over the last 18 months, development has been impacted by the ongoing effects of the pandemic.

The first Battlefield 2042 beta is currently expected to start sometime in the coming couple of weeks but there’s no exact date right now. DICE already held a closed technical test for Battlefield 2042, designed to stress test the servers and other aspects of the game.

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Development of Battlefield 2042 is being led by DICE, with support work from other EA Worldwide Studios including Criterion, EA Gothenburg, Industrial Toys, and Ripple Effect, the latter of which has developed the new Portal mode for the game.

Battlefield 2042 is coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC. The current-generation and PC versions of the game feature much larger multiplayer maps, as well as the ability to support up to 128 players.

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Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 (Preorder)

Battlefield goes back to the future.

Battlefield 2042 debuts Electronic Arts’ next-generation vision for the military shooter, supporting up to 128 players, the largest ever maps, and shaping up as its most ambitious entry to date.

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