Beluga Whale rescues dropped phone from the depths

Video reveals awesome Beluga Whale decided to return a phone from the depths of the Norwegian sea to its owner in return for a few tiny pats.

It’s a given that if you accidentally YEET your phone into the ocean, it’s gone for good; but you forget the Belugas…

NEVER forget the Belugas.

But somewhat more seriously, in this lucky scenario a happy, friendly Beluga happened to deem the humans of redemption and slowly rose to the surface with the lost phone in its mouth, letting the people softly retrieve it and repay the act with some distant pats:

Posted by Isa Opdahl Larsson on Instagram, the video was tagged in Hammerfest, Norway.

Apparently some people are throwing around theories of Russian spy whales and VFX, but I’d rather trust it’s real; and I have no reason not to…

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