Best Android apps for studying English

    Do you want to study English, but the typical ways do notsatisfy you? We can offer some mobile apps that will definitelymake learning a language enjoyable. Unfortunately, noapplications have been devised to check your essays. Therefore, the only optimal option is online editing service. We offer you toget acquainted with a selection of our applications.

    Studying English always seems like a boring activity, becausewe still think that we will have to sit at books, “memorize” grammar and new words. This, of course, was a popular method, but not in our time. 

    And now you have the opportunity to learn English whereveryou are. And an ordinary smartphone will help. That’s whywe’ve reviewed apps that make it easier to learn English and thatsupport both iOS and Android.


    A useful program called “Duolingo” opens our list today. Hereyou can learn a lot of foreign languages. There is a grammar and/ or new word lesson for each day. And in the end you test yourknowledge with a test game. At the time of writing, this is oneof the best programs for learning English.


    – rapid progress

    Research shows that our courses effectively develop reading, listening and speaking skills;

    – personalized training

    Combining the best of artificial intelligence and linguistics, lessons help to learn at the right pace and at the right level;

    – motivation support

    We facilitate the formation of the habit of learning the languagethrough game features, fun tasks and reminders from ourfriendly mascot, the owl Duo;

    – the pleasure of learning

    Effective learning does not have to be boring! Improve yourknowledge every day with exciting exercises and playfulcharacters.


    Let’s not forget to mention the Johnny G. application. It was developed for the British Council. In this program you consolidate and test your knowledge with various interesting quizzes. You have 1 minute to answer as many questions as possible, and at the end you will be able to find out the result and consider the mistakes and correct answers. You can choose which topic you would like to test your knowledge (it can be grammar, words or pronunciation).

    Benefits you will receive: 

    – to repeat the most common spelling, grammatical and stylistic errors

    – check and enrich your vocabulary

    – keep motivated by competing with friends on the number of points scored


    You should also download the Memrise application. Here you are given basic phrases and words. This program can be used while traveling because it focuses on spoken English.


     You will learn everyday words and phrases with the help of a modern learning mechanism. It adapts the lessons to your progress, thus not letting you get bored and motivating you to new achievements. Is there a goal? Forward!

    – you will plunge into the language environment. Learn to understand spoken language in real life. Thousands of audio and video with native speakers to watch, listen and learn from real locals – no computer voices!

    – speak with confidence. Your goal is to speak a new language so that you are understood, right? The app offers to just forget about the fear and start talking without worrying about the correctness. Therefore, in the beginning – no grammar. It is possible that grammar problems scared you away when you first try to learn a language…