Best Crypto Streamers and Blockchain Influencers on Twitch

Twitch has morphed into a utopia full of content, where streamers offer us an extended glimpse into their world. Some follow twitch channels in the hopes of landing a UK betting sites list, others follow the latest trends and hacks on Fortnite, whilst many use Twitch as a playground where new slot machines are discovered, unleashed, and promoted.

The latest phenomenon that has hit the wonders of Twitch is cryptocurrency streamers and blockchain Influencers. Daily, these steamers unite and launch their Twitch streaming channels to give you a glimpse into the world of crypto and advise you on which currencies to keep, which to trade, and others to avoid. Today we take a look at some of the best of the very best influencers dominating Twitch, basically, the ones you need to seek and hit that so-called follow button.

Why follow Twitch streamers to learn about Crypto?

Whilst many enjoy reading about cryptocurrencies and also learning through a trial and error format, others do like to do some groundwork before going all in with buying, selling, and trading your cryptocurrencies.

The good news is that if you are new to the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you will find tons of information to get you into the world of trading. In recent years, Twitch has proven to be a game haven, a lockdown pastime, and a great tool to kickstart your crypto journey. Here is why it s beneficial to use Twitch to learn about the world of cryptocurrencies.

  • It is convenient and available 24/7 – At any time of the day, you can simply log in to your Twitch account and start watching live or non-live videos of your go-to cryptocurrency streamers. The ones you love, you can follow and get notified anytime they go live or have a video ready for you to watch.
  • Interaction with the streamer – When you watch a Twitch stream, you can ask questions and interact with the host and the other watchers. Each stream would have a dedicated chat room where you can post your questions and get crypto and blockchain educated in the process.

  • Get all the info from various channels – Each Twitch Channel is dedicated to a specific topic, and you will also find streamers that focus on different currencies.  As a follower, you can follow as many followers as you like and make the most of all the content information available.

  • Visual Learning Experience – Many of us are visual learners, meaning we would need to be presented physically with data and information for us to understand and learn.  Following streamers on Twitch is a great way to watch and learn more about crypto whilst also boosting an interactive idea-sharing experience.

Which Twitch streamers to follow to learn more about crypto and Blockchain?

You are in luck if you want to become the next guru on trading currencies. Below we have listed some of the best cryptocurrency and Blockchain streamers. The ones we follow and suggest you follow too!

Cryptomiketradin – 1.2k Followers

Cryptomiketradin is one of the friendlies trading channels that you will ever find on Twitch. The friendly streamer hosts daily steam with a schedule that invites followers to tune in.  During the streaming sessions, Mike trades currencies such as BTC, ETH, and XRP along with various online tokens. Whilst a dedicated amount of Twitch followers enjoy trading and blockchain streaming, cryptomiketradin breaks all the stats when he lands an honest 200+ watcher per stream.  Quite an accomplishment for a trading channel.

During his various steams, crytomiketradin gives newbies a glimpse of how to get started with trading and crypto-related giveaways.  Asking him questions in the chat is also beneficial, as you are welcomed with a smile, information, and tips on how to make it in a lucrative Blockchain world.

ColdBloodedShiller – 2k followers

Before you think that ColdBlooderShiller has an eerie nick, let’s remember the meaning of Shiller in finance.

Shiller – A Shiller is a person or organisation who advertises another coin or token inside the community of a certain crypto market.

The twitch streamer is one of the top crypto steamers on Twitch and boosts record followers of 2k who daily check in to watch the finance streams.  Although the steams are mostly graphs and discussions about crypto, the streamer is very open to answering your questions at any given time during the streaming session. Apart from offering Twitch streams on your favourite crypto-currencies, the ColdBlooderShiller also has a strong Twitter online presence, where he shares information and tips and answers any crypto-related questions.

Tr4d3r10 – 1k Followers

In the world of trading cryptocurrencies, there is only one channel and streamer to follow, and that is Tr4d3r10. The streamer is a natural with his dedicated followers, and many times, you will catch him teaching the newbies what currencies to follow, how to trade, when to trade, and also when best to get your head in the game.

The streamer typically gets between 125 – 150 views per stream and also offers his followers a link to a Discord Channel where they can join to get more Crypto and Blockchain insights. If you are wondering why he helps newcomers so much, Tr4d3r10 states that crypto trading is quite lucrative if done right; hence teaching people new tricks will multiply everyone’s good trading skills.

The channel also boosts Electro music with your crypto online streaming lessons.

Twitch is the way to go – How to find the best trading streamer

With so many benefits of cryptocurrency trading looming on our heads, it would be wise to follow Crypto streamers online.  Here are some hints and tips for finding the best Twitch streamer to follow:

  1. Find someone who has been in the game for some time.  Many streamers come and go, but only those with a good following and great steams last the most. These can help you kickstart your trading journey.
  2. Seek friendly streamers that also take time to interact with their followers via chat.  Most streamers would be happy to answer your questions and help you get started in the world of crypto and Blockchain.
  3. Possibly also explore new streaming services, not just Twitch!

Finally, it would also be a great idea to read online outlets that would give you more information on how the various currencies are doing.  Once you master all of that, there is only one thing left to say: Happy Trading Twitcher!

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