Best iPhone MagSafe wallet: Moft Flash review

Moft recently launched its newest Apple accessory: the Flash dual-purpose MagSafe wallet for iPhone. Along with carrying two to three cards, the clever design means you’ve also always got a handy stand for both portrait and landscape use. After spending the last month with it, here’s why the Flash has become my favorite wallet.

Moft Flash MagSafe Wallet & Stand specs

  • MagSafe connectivity
  • Made with soft vegan leather
  • Storage for 2-3 cards
  • Bi-fold/flip design with open window for quick display/tapping of cards
  • Adjustable stand angles, portrait or landscape use
  • Available in night black, hello yellow, oxford blue, windy blue
  • Price: $34.99

Materials and build

Best iPhone MagSafe wallet - Moft Flash up-close
Moft Flash in hello yellow

The Moft Flash MagSafe Wallet has a solid build quality with a very nice vegan leather. It’s soft right out of the box – even a bit softer than Apple’s Leather MagSafe Wallet (which I’ve had for going on two years).

The stitching quality is precise and clean – again I would put it on level with Apple’s Leather Wallet and the hinge is made from what looks like steel hardware.

The very inside of the wallet where your cards live has a soft fabric with the outer-inside area made from a smooth rubberized material – similar to Apple’s silicone cases but not as sticky.

Cleverly, this design is just 3/32 of an inch (2.3 mm) thicker than Apple’s Leather MagSafe Wallet with the Moft Flash offering the super handy stand functionality.

Best iPhone MagSafe wallet – next to Apple Leather MagSafe Wallet
Left: Apple’s Leather MagSafe Wallet, Right: Moft Flash

I’ve found Moft’s MagSafe magnets to be as strong as what Apple uses in its wallet too.

Moft Flash Wallet in use

As I gave away with the title, the Moft Flash has become my go-to wallet. I just love the valuable form and function.

You’re not giving up a slim wallet for the extra features and there is a range of benefits I’ve found over Apple’s Leather MagSafe Wallet.

I enjoy having a flexible iPhone stand always on hand and Moft Flash offers a nice amount of flexibility to get the right angle. Here are a few shots of that:

Best iPhone MagSafe wallet – stand in action

The other nice part of this design is the open window on the inside. It’s great being able to place your ID or an NFC/RFID card on the inside and have quick access to show or tap to pay, etc. without having to take your card out.

Best iPhone MagSafe wallet – inside open window

This design means you also just flip up the wallet – even slightly – to push your cards out. That’s nice as you don’t have to fully remove the wallet to use cards as you do with Apple’s Leather MagSafe Wallet.

Even though Moft recommends carrying two cards with the Flash, I found you can do three, it’s just a snug fit.

Best iPhone MagSafe wallet conclusion

With a slick design offering great form and function, I think the Moft Flash will be a hit for almost anyone who likes using a MagSafe wallet with iPhone.


  • Super slim bi-fold design
  • MagSafe connectivity with built-in stand
  • Easy access to cards or to show ID/use NFC
  • Great price at $34.99


  • With 30 days of testing, I don’t yet know how this will age/hold up compared to Apple’s Leather MagSafe Wallet but so far so good!

All things considered, I give the Moft Flash a 5/5 rating for its great features, build, and price.

You can pick up the Moft Flash on Amazon or direct from Moft.

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