Best laptop power banks 2023: The best battery packs to keep your devices juiced up on the go

The struggle is real when attempting to keep your laptop running for long stretches on the go. Thankfully, the best laptop power banks can supply enough juice to not only charge your device back up, but can allow you to use it while it does so. 

Of course, the average laptop tends to consume 65W, but some can be even hungrier or require less. Meanwhile, dedicated gaming laptops can consume as much as a max of 200 and 350W per hour. So, when choosing a good battery pack for your laptop, you need to make sure you purchase one that supplies enough wattage to meet your device’s needs. Note that using something that supplies less wattage than is needed can make your laptop charge up at a slow crawl, or might even damage your device. Getting a battery pack with more wattage than needed won’t necessarily hurt your laptop, but it won’t charge it up any faster, either.

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