Best monitors for Xbox Series X & Series S 2021

While gaming consoles traditionally pair with a TV, opting for a monitor has unique benefits. They make great desktop solutions, often delivering high-quality visuals in smaller screen sizes, sliding beside any PC in the home office. And with the rise of 4K HDR content steadily extending to PC monitors, they are viable across all price points. These are our favorite monitors for Xbox Series X and Series S gaming in 2021.

Best monitors for Xbox in 2021:

Which is the best monitor for Xbox?

Samsung Odyssey G7, Xbox Series XSource: Samsung | Microsoft

Choosing the right monitor for your Xbox console largely comes down to budget and your expectations from a desktop display. The best 4K TVs for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S often dominate the conversation, but there are reasons to choose a monitor, and it’s not all about screen size. PC gaming monitors highly value high refresh rates and low input lag, crucial to responsive experiences in competitive titles like shooters. Monitors can also deliver excellent image quality for less, with various screens sizes accommodating desks and smaller spaces.

You can plug an Xbox console into almost any HDMI monitor — but choosing the right device can hugely improve visuals at no extra cost. The Xbox Series X targets 4K resolution, plus new specifications like HDMI 2.1, reserved for a few high-end products in 2021. While the Xbox Series S offers similar features, you’re working with a lower target resolution between 1080p and 1440p. You also want to look out for 120 frames per second (FPS) refresh rates and FreeSync variable refresh rate (VRR) support, both ensuring smoother gameplay.

These enhancements all require a compatible display, and the one you choose has a significant influence on the value attained from either console. It’s not all about specifications and features either, with the best models delivering punchy contrast and vibrant colors, an area where some manufacturers can fall short.

We’ve rounded up a series of the leading monitors in 2021, designed with support for features leveraged by Xbox Series X and Series S. While the best of Xbox consoles means delving into top-of-the-line product ranges, there are still more affordable alternatives that sport all the greatest features.

LG 27GP950-BSource: LG Electronics

1. LG 27GP950-B

Best 4K monitor for Xbox Series X

Bottom line: LG supplies a 27-inch 4K Nano IPS display fine-tuned for gaming, with 4K at 120Hz over HDMI 2.1 and robust HDR support. Unmatched for flagship consoles like Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Screen size: 27-inch | Display Type: IPS | Resolution: 4K | Refresh Rate: 144Hz | HDR: HDR10 | HDMI Ports: HDMI 2.1 x 2, DisplayPort 1.4 x 1


  • 4K at 120Hz over HDMI 2.1
  • Excellent image
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Good HDR
  • Low response time, input lag


  • Expensive
  • Better HDR elsewhere

4K gaming remains tied up with the leading hardware, and you’ll need an equally high-end monitor to push the most from Microsoft’s best Xbox console, the Xbox Series X. The 27-inch LG 27GP950 delivers the best, with superb picture quality, and is among the only monitors out there right now supporting the full spectrum of next-generation features for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. This monitor is performant, responsive, and supports HDMI 2.1, unlocking high frame rate 4K gaming almost impossible elsewhere in mid-2021.

Both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 support HDMI 2.1, an upgrade to HDMI with increased bandwidth, supporting 4K resolution up to 120Hz. Nearly every monitor on the market is limited to the older HDMI 2.0 spec, mostly due to the infancy of the newer specification.

This 4K Nano IPS display boasts a spec sheet tailored to gaming, capping out at 144Hz refresh rates on PC, with a speedy 1ms response time and low input lag. It also dons FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility for stellar variable refresh rate (VRR) implementation, compliant with the Xbox Series X, which smoothens gameplay by eliminating screen tearing. It’s especially suited to hot-swapping your PC with an accompanying Xbox Series X, given its DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 inputs on the rear.

LG opted for an IPS panel here, proving a visual treat with clarity and accurate colors in its class. High dynamic range (HDR) support also stars a wide color gamut, high contrast, and brighter highlights. It’s one of the better HDR monitors with DisplayHDR 600 certification, although that’s compared to a market where HDR monitors are notoriously … lame. You’ll find better HDR elsewhere with 4K TVs, but it’s among the best in desktop monitor offerings.

The LG 27GP950 is one of the only monitors meeting the demands of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, pushing the absolute best performance from your console. While almost any other monitor has limitations, it’s one of the few options supporting 4K, 120Hz, and HDR simultaneously. It will also serve content creators and office workers who spend time gaming on the side, acting as a centerpiece for any home setup.

But the biggest issue with the LG 27GP950 surrounds its availability, with high demand making this near impossible to find, often pushing resale prices above the usual $900 RRP in the U.S. As more HDMI 2.1 devices hit the market, monitors like these should be easier to find. But with hardware shortages impacting all corners of tech, if you find one in stock, it’s an investment you won’t regret.

LG 27GP950-B

LG 27GP950-B

The best 4K monitor for the Xbox Series X in every way, boasting vivid visuals and all the next-generation features available. However, available stock remains hard to find, like all early HDMI 2.1-compatible displays in 2021.

The LG 27GP950’s connectivity sets this apart for next-generation devices, among the few monitors capable of pulling a 4K resolution output at 120Hz from consoles. It takes advantage of the growing Xbox Series X 120 FPS games list, ensuring an unmatched experience from Call of Duty: Warzone, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Rainbow Six Siege, Gears 5, and more. Just make sure to buy the LG 27GP950, not the 27GN950, which only supports HDMI 2.0.

HDMI 2.1 should become more readily available in time, but with high demand following the launch of Xbox Series X and PS5, the stock remains scarce. While we recommend the LG 27GN950 for 4K at 60Hz, a near-identical predecessor sans HDMI 2.1, Xbox Series X owners should be looking at the 27GP950 for the complete next-gen offering. The closest alternative is the Acer Nitro XV282K, a similarly equipped HDMI 2.1-compliant 4K monitor priced at $900, but with stock hard to track down.

Almost any monitor works with Xbox Series X, but HDMI 2.0 limits the console to 4K resolution up to 60Hz, or 1440p at 120Hz. For the complete 4K experience at 120Hz, HDMI 2.1 is a must-have. While harder to find in its early days, that futureproofing provides long-term value with an Xbox Series X in mind. But if you don’t need the full 4K 120Hz package, our guide has you covered with an extensive list of alternatives, starting at considerably lower prices.

Dell S2721QSSource: Dell

2. Dell S2721QS

Best budget 4K monitor for Xbox Series X

Bottom line: 4K gaming doesn’t need to be prohibitively expensive, and the S2721QS looks great while doing it, too. It’s an ideal option that’s easier on the wallet for Xbox Series X or even the older Xbox One X.

Screen size: 27-inch | Display Type: IPS | Resolution: 4K | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | HDR: HDR10 | HDMI Ports: HDMI 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1


  • 4K support (4K @ 60Hz via HDMI)
  • Good image
  • Affordable
  • Wide viewing angles
  • Low response time, input lag


  • Only 60Hz refresh rate
  • Mediocre HDR

With 4K adoption steadily rising, we have new affordable options on the market, including the S2721QS as our best budget pick for the Xbox Series X. This monitor often comes in around $400, with its 4K IPS panel delivering sharpness and performance without hurting the wallet. It still has all the fundamentals of a great 4K monitor, scaling back on surplus features to achieve an entry-level price. That makes this our best budget option, delivering Xbox Series X or your Excel spreadsheets’ full clarity.

This 27-inch panel exceeds expectations at this price, with consistently strong presentation across all types of content. It has a clear image with vivid colors, framed with thin borders that look striking at this price. The panel also means wide viewing angles, with an anti-reflective coating, making this incredibly adaptable to your desk setup.

It isn’t formally a gaming monitor with a refresh rate at 60Hz, but it still delivers a smooth experience if you’re not demanding enthusiast-tier performance. The lack of high framerate gaming likely won’t be a dealbreaker on the Xbox Series X either. The older HDMI 2.0 ports used across most monitors are incapable of supporting higher refresh rates at 4K resolution. That won’t compromise responsiveness, though, with a low response time and input lag. You also have VRR, both FreeSync and G-Sync compatible, equipped for Xbox consoles and PC.

Like most HDR-enabled monitors, its implementation is fair but falls short compared to the TV market. It brings added punch to imagery with a wide color gamut, but contrast falls short. That’s to be expected at this price, although in line with common pitfalls among HDR gaming monitors.

The S2721QS delivers first-class visuals for this bracket, with clear visuals and rich colors for gaming and everyday use. It’s an ideal 4K option for Xbox Series X, although missing some luxuries like high frame rate gaming and a true HDR offering. It’s about the fundamentals of a great gaming display, all at a reasonable price.

Dell S2721QS

Dell S2721QS 4K

Dell delivers a handy 4K monitor that nails the fundamentals at a much lower price.

LG C1Source: LG Electronics


Best 4K HDR TV for Xbox Series X

Bottom line: The LG C1 is a stellar alternative to gaming high-end monitors, the latest in its leading OLED series, futureproofed with 4K HDR visuals at 120Hz.

Screen sizes: 48, 55, 65, 77, 83-inch | Display Type: OLED | Resolution: 4K | Refresh Rate: 120Hz | HDR: Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG | HDMI Ports: HDMI 2.1 x 4


  • 4K, 120Hz support via HDMI
  • Excellent image
  • OLED produces perfect blacks
  • Best HDR
  • All the next-gen features you need


  • Expensive
  • No sub-48-inch models

While the LG C1 isn’t a monitor, it’s hard to talk next-generation gaming without referencing this stunning TV. The latest and leading 4K OLED continues to dominate the conversation in consoles, boasting top-tier image quality, with support for all the defining displays features. It’s the successor to the LG CX, the best TV for Xbox Series X back at launch, now revamped with improved picture quality and some handy tweaks.

The first HDMI 2.1 monitors are now on the market, but several 4K TVs still lead when hooked up to consoles. The LG C1 is one of the best out there, with standout gaming features like 4K resolution at 120Hz refresh rates, VRR, and ALLM — coupled with PC-specific features like NVIDIA G-Sync if used with multiple devices. These high-end OLEDs start at 48 inches, which while larger than your average monitor, still accommodate a personal gaming experience on console and PC.

What differentiates the LG C1 from monitors is its OLED technology, with increased precision over how images are displayed on-screen, delivering the best in picture quality. OLED is yet to be widely adopted by monitors (albeit on the horizon) with per-pixel control over images, even allowing the TV to switch off specific pixels on the screen. That results in ultra-deep blacks, stunning contrast, and resulting punchy visuals. It also has standout HDR, a common pitfall for monitors, supporting many top HDR standards.

But HDMI 2.1 makes this a must-buy for the Xbox Series X (and PS5), which provides a foundation for the features that draw more value from your purchase. That includes support for 4K resolution up to 120Hz refresh rates simultaneously, with many titles now topping out at 120 FPS. It also has VRR support, eliminating screen tearing for smoother gameplay, with low input lag and response times enabled by OLED. If you want a smaller alternative, our best overall pick, the LG 27GP950, or the Acer Nitro XV282K, are among the few HDMI 2.1 monitors in 2021.

This is a 4K TV that rivals the best gaming monitors, with superb picture quality and full support for the best Xbox Series X features. Using this as a PC monitor should also come with knowledge of OLED burn-in, a pitfall of the technology where persistent images like the taskbar and menus can damage the screen, even if it’s not a massive deal for Xbox gaming and movie watching.

The LG C1 shares all the fundamentals with the previous LG CX series, albeit with various tweaks, as expected for the latest iterative upgrade. The new Alpha 9 Gen-4 delivers a speed bump device-wide, coupled with advancements in motion processing and overall image handling, delivering visible improvements. The 2021 lineup also ships with webOS 6.0, an overhauled user experience, with a new “Game Optimizer” menu, condensing various relevant settings into one accessible locale.

But what you’re getting is the best 4K TV, ready for the future with rich support for the fundamentals of Xbox Series X and Series S. We recommend the LG C1 above all else, with subtle refinements on the incredible LG CX. However, with the older LG CX regularly discounted in 2021, we still recommend the previous model for savings at minimal compromise.


LG C1 (OLED48C1)

This stunning OLED TV changed the game, with a surplus of next-gen features, including 4K at 120Hz via HDMI 2.1.

Samsung Odyssey G7Source: Samsung

4. Samsung Odyssey G7 (32-inch)

Best 1440p monitor for Xbox Series X & Series S

Bottom line: Samsung’s latest and greatest 1440p display throws a curve into the mix, accompanied by a strong portfolio of Xbox-ready gaming features.

Screen sizes: 27, 32-inch | Display Type: VA | Resolution: 1440p | Refresh Rate: 240Hz | HDR: HDR10 | HDMI Ports: DisplayPort 1.4 x 2, HDMI 2.0 x 1


  • 1440p, up to 240Hz (1440p @ 120Hz via HDMI)
  • Excellent image
  • Low response time, input lag
  • Good HDR
  • Curved display


  • Expensive
  • Poor viewing angles

Samsung leads 1440p with the Odyssey G7, feature-rich and equipped to handle all types of gaming and productivity. It packs a striking image with the best gaming features, as reflected in the price. It also throws a curve into the mix, with a 27-inch entry model or 32-inch for additional screen real estate. It’s among Samsung’s best, with compelling offerings for PC enthusiasts and Xbox Series X owners.

While 1440p displays don’t offer the same clarity as 4K, it’s still a sharp image that provides your middle ground with 1080p. It’s a resolution natively supported by the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S or lightening the load when playing PC games. You have a 240Hz refresh rate, ideal for PC, although somewhat overkill given the 120Hz cap with Xbox consoles. Responsive gaming is also guaranteed, with AMD FreeSync and G-Sync Compatible for VRR, plus low input lag and response times.

The G7 wraps this up in a smart design, including a curved VA panel. It’s an acquired taste for some, with 1000R curvature (in short, extremely curvy), which allows you to take more in when gaming. That display technology does mean strong contrast and colors, although viewing angles leave room for improvement if a crucial factor. You also have DisplayHDR 600 certification, which delivers one of the better HDR implementations, with a wide color gamut and fair brightness.

HDMI 2.1 connectivity doesn’t feature, although it’s not essential without 4K. Its 1440p resolution allows you to push up to 120Hz over HDMI, supported on the new Xbox consoles. It’s best with the Xbox Series X, where supersampling scales down 4K for sharp visuals. But it’ll also showcase the best of the Xbox Series S, even if 1440p games on the system are currently scarce.

It’s overall a robust monitor that balances image quality and performance without the added 4K tax. The entire G7 Odyssey family is still costly, best for those considering a monitor for both PC and console gaming. But it’s well suited for the Xbox Series X and Series S, boasting all you should want from a gaming monitor.

Samsung Odyssey G7

Samsung Odyssey G7 32

Reliable and packed with advanced features, the curvy 32-inch Samsung Odyssey G7 is a complete gaming experience.



Best budget 1440p monitor for Xbox Series X & Series S

Bottom line: The VG27AQ is a reliable mid-range 1440p monitor that doesn’t slack in visuals or performance. Ideal for Xbox Series X or Series S.

Screen size: 27-inch | Display Type: IPS | Resolution: 1440p | Refresh Rate: 165Hz | HDR: HDR10 | HDMI Ports: HDMI 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1


  • 1440p, up to 165Hz (1440p @ 120Hz via HDMI)
  • Good image
  • Affordable
  • Low response time, input lag

The VG27AQ proves an excellent multi-purpose monitor with a gaming edge, packing all the best gaming features at an affordable asking price. It falls into the middle ground under the ASUS TUF family, with a clear and smooth 27-inch IPS panel, delivering a standout image. It’s hugely capable with all the latest gaming technologies, and although with some compromises, you’re looking at the best 1440p monitor we’d recommend to the average buyer.

This display showcases the defining Xbox Series X and Series S features, with a maximum 1440p resolution. It spotlights the Xbox Series X’s graphical prowess, but with a panel that isn’t wasted with its smaller sibling. It also caps out a maximum 165Hz refresh rate, covering the best frame rates from either console. And like any great gaming monitor, it excels with low input lag and response times and VRR, both via FreeSync 2 and G-Sync Compatible.

You receive overall vivid images at this price, with colors and generally good contrast. HDR support is bundled, albeit what you’d expect from this bracket, with no wide color gamut and average brightness. Wide viewing angles again return, with acceptable front-facing speakers ideal for general home entertainment.

ASUS did a lot right with the VG27AQ, supplying a standout gaming experience at a relatively low asking price. The visuals are sharp and smooth with that 1440p, 165Hz synergy, coupled with other features that aim to enhance gaming use. Whereas higher-end options like the Odyssey G7 are pretty costly, ASUS has a great alternative, often around the $400 ballpark.


ASUS VG27AQ 1440p

The VG27AQ is a robust 1440p monitor with smooth, high frame rate visuals, all for a reasonable price.


6. ASUS VG279Q

Best 1080p monitor for Xbox Series S

Bottom line: This full HD leader boasts a great image and keeps games fluid when paired up to Xbox Series X or Series S.

Screen size: 27-inch | Display Type: IPS | Resolution: 1080p | Refresh Rate: 144Hz | HDR: None | HDMI Ports: HDMI 1.4 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 2, DVI x 1


  • 1080p, up to 144Hz (1080p @ 120Hz via HDMI)
  • Great image
  • Low response time, input lag


  • No HDR
  • 4K, 1440p accessible at this price

Insane resolutions aren’t everything in gaming, with a fast-growing list of 120 FPS games on the Xbox Series X and Series S elevating everything from competitive shooters to racers. Great-quality 1080p monitors make ideal budget-friendly options, not skimping on vibrancy and fluidity when hooked up to next-generation consoles. The ASUS VG279Q takes our top spot for HD displays, responsive and boasting a high refresh rate, ideal for work and play.

This 27-inch monitor delivers an ideal Xbox Series S experience, with many titles targeting native 1080p on the system from launch. It also pairs well with other Xbox consoles, including the Xbox Series X, utilizing 4K supersampling for the best possible image clarity. Expect bright, vivid visuals and wide viewing angles with this IPS panel, albeit with no HDR, like many monitors in this category.

This 144Hz refresh rate also has you covered for 120 FPS, with onboard FreeSync support keeping titles tear-free. It generally means fluid gaming, with low input lag and response times all contributing to feeling great to play. All these considerations make the VG279Q look the part and a stellar companion across a range of games.

Are you looking for one of the best 1080p monitors out there? The ASUS VG279Q is well-suited for the Xbox Series X and Series S. Its spec sheet allows the latest consoles to flex their graphical prowess, with an HD resolution maintaining a reasonable price while still being attractive and reliable. While this is easily one of the best Xbox Series S monitors out there, you can also expect a snappy Xbox Series X experience when hooked up to this display.


ASUS VG279Q 1080p

This leader in 1080p gaming displays ensures you’re getting high frame rates and fluid gameplay that looks good.

AOC C24G1Source: AOC

7. AOC C24G1

Best budget 1080p monitor for Xbox Series S

Bottom line: This accessible 1080p 144Hz monitor is a smart Xbox Series S companion, and it doesn’t look half bad either.

Screen size: 24-inch | Display Type: VA | Resolution: 1080p | Refresh Rate: 144Hz | HDR: None | HDMI Ports: HDMI 1.4 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1, VGA x 1


  • 1080p, up to 144Hz (1080p @ 120Hz via HDMI)
  • Good image
  • Affordable
  • Low response time, input lag


  • No HDR
  • Poor viewing angles

The AOC C24G1 provides stellar entry-level value, delivering high frame rate HD gaming, especially suited to the capabilities of the Xbox Series S. This 24-inch curved display has all you need to get started with next-generation gaming on a budget, supporting up to 1080p resolution with a maximum 144Hz refresh rate. Picture quality isn’t flawless, but you can’t hold it against the sub-$200 price.

There’s little to fault with the on-paper value of the C24G1. It delivers all the staples of a great monitor for gaming. While it has its shortcomings, namely mediocre uniformity, and viewing angles, the savings make these only minor complaints. Framed with slim bezels and 1500R curvature, it’s an attractive window into your work and gaming.

This monitor nails the necessities, with its 1080p 144Hz output delivering the best of the Xbox Series S while also an affordable alternative for the Xbox Series X. It has FreeSync support that works with compatible AMD cards and Xbox consoles, quick response times, and low input lag, making your games consistently snappy. You will lose out on HDR with this monitor, although support in this price bracket rarely impresses.

The C24G1 doesn’t have many defining traits, but that’s exactly what you’re looking for at this price. It’s an excellent baseline for a great gaming experience, with a picture that’s clear, smooth, and low latency. It lacks the visual flair of higher-cost options, but the savings you’ll make here are considerable if you need a trusty monitor focused on what’s best.


AOC C24G1 1080p

The C24G1 proves you don’t need to spend big on a gaming monitor uniquely suited to the Xbox Series S’s potential.

$213 from Amazon

When is the best time to buy a monitor for Xbox?

Xbox Series X and Series S first hit store shelves in late 2020, with TVs and monitors now available with considerations for these consoles. The first wave of HDMI 2.1 products has opened the possibility to experience the best of these devices through a monitor, albeit with high-end specifications and an equally premium price tag. Budget-friendly monitors are also more capable than ever, outputting up to 4K resolution or sporting smoother high refresh rates.

Upcoming events like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day also provide an ideal window to invest in a new monitor with worthwhile savings.

We’re expecting to see popular mid-range and budget monitors score significant discounts in the leadup to the holidays, including many compatible with top Xbox Series X and Series S features. However, with the few existing HDMI 2.1 monitors already in short supply, don’t expect significant price cuts until 2022, at the earliest.

We continue to round up the best Black Friday deals for Xbox, including monitors and TVs that deliver the best experience with the console.

What about other monitors for Xbox?

While we’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite monitors, these represent a subset of the extensive monitor market. There are countless options out there, many that deliver stellar Xbox Series X and Series S experiences, and it would be impossible to list them all. But we feel this roundup reflects many of the best options out there right now in 2021.

We regularly review the best computer monitors from various manufacturers while also considering how these perform with consoles like the Xbox Series X and Series S. Should we come across more options in the future, we’ll continue to expand this list. A new wave of HDMI 2.1-enabled monitors is next up, which should shake up what we expect from Xbox displays when more readily available.

What to look for in Xbox Series X and Series S monitors

Half the value from the Xbox Series X and Series S comes from your chosen display, with the latest generation devices leveraging new image technologies that spotlight their gaming capabilities. These monitors are among the best for Xbox, each with various features that keep your games sharp, smooth, and responsive. Here are a few things we like to consider when shopping for monitors, in the context of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S:

  • Screen size
  • Resolution
  • Maximum refresh rate over HDMI
  • Low response time and input lag
  • Overall image quality
  • HDR support
  • Wide viewing angles

Opting for a monitor means smaller screen sizes than TVs, often falling in the 24-inch to 32-inch range, which are better equipped for a desk. They also generally favor higher refresh rates, alongside technologies fine-tuning them for low-latency gameplay through low response times and input. It’s these factors that make monitors extremely well suited to fast-paced multiplayer games like competitive shooters.

Choosing your preferred monitor for gaming largely depends on your planned usage and which Xbox you own. The Xbox Series X consistently targets 4K resolution, with many top releases pushing up to 120 FPS gameplay for buttery-smooth visuals. That makes the LG 27GP950-B the best 4K Xbox Series X monitor, although other 4K and 1440p alternatives also draw a ton of value from the console. The Xbox Series S performs similarly, only frequently targeting 1080p or 1440p resolution, making many affordable monitors better suited to its capabilities. You should also consider whether other devices will share this display with your Xbox console.

But the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were designed with TVs in mind, which leaves many flagship monitors at a disadvantage compared to 4K TVs. That’s mostly due to HDMI 2.1 latecomers, whereas displays like the LG C1 or LG CX OLED leverage new hardware to simultaneously support 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rates. Otherwise, hardware limitations for many monitors leave your Xbox outputting 1440p at up to 120Hz, or 4K at up to 60Hz, especially impactful to the Xbox Series X.

It’s a choice of personal preference, but if you’re using an Xbox alongside your PC or using a smaller space like a desk, you can’t go wrong with a great monitor. Otherwise, consider whether you’re looking for the best features, currently reserved for a handful of 4K TVs.

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