Best Tonie and Toniebox Cyber Monday deals 2023

Cyber Monday is nearing its end. However, it’s not too late to grab some fantastic deals, especially on one of the most sought-after items this holiday season: Toniebox and Tonies.

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Recognized by Amazon as the No. 1 storytelling gift for kids this year, the Toniebox is a colorful audio system designed for children, offering a tactile and imaginative way of storytelling without screen time. Accompanied by hand-painted Tonie characters that are both collectible and interactive, Tonieboxes are not just toys but also fun learning experiences.

Best Toniebox Cyber Monday deals

The best Toniebox deals still available feature significant discounts on character bundles and starter sets.

Marvel Toniebox Spidey and Friends

Marvel Toniebox bundle with Spidey and Friends

$79 $130 Save $51

The Toniebox is a child-friendly, screen-free audio system that sparks imagination and active play by narrating stories and songs. Kids can control their listening experience by swapping different Tonie characters on the box, each unlocking a unique adventure. The Marvel Toniebox Audio Player Bundle is red and includes Spidey and Friends.

Toniebox starter set (Frozen-themed)

Toniebox starter set (featuring Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Playtime Puppy)

$99 $140 Save $41

The Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set, featuring Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Playtime Puppy, offers a screen-free listening experience for kids aged 3 and up. This light blue Toniebox begins playback automatically when Tonie characters are placed on it. The set includes a charging station and four Tonies, with the option to expand the collection by purchasing additional characters.

More Toniebox Cyber Monday deals ending soon

Best Tonie Cyber Monday deals

Tonies Encanto Mirabel

Tonies Mirabel from Disney’s Encanto

$18 $25 Save $7

Walmart’s deal on the Encanto Tonie, featuring Mirabel, is now just $18, saving you $7. This Tonie, compatible with the Toniebox, offers a mix of popular songs like “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” as well as lessons on family values and self-discovery and generational trauma, but in a kid-friendly format.

More Tonie Cyber Monday deals ending soon

  1. Tonies Smokey Bear: Now $16 (save $4 at Amazon)
  2. Tonies Dora The Explorer: Now $14 (save $4 at Amazon)

How did we choose these Toniebox and Tonie deals?

I’ve personally snapped up some Tonie Cyber Monday deals for my two-year-old, Maddy, and can’t wait to see the joy they bring her. I also leaned on recommendations from fellow parents, both in my personal life and on social media apps like TikTok, and I checked prices with tools like CamelCamelCamel to make sure I’m getting the best value for these charming toys.

Is Tonies having a Cyber Monday sale?

Tonies is running its own BFCM 2023 sale, offering 25% off sitewide with the code BLACKFRIDAY25.

The Cyber Monday sale on the official Tonies site includes discounts on bundles, individual Tonies, and accessories. The final bundle pricing ranges from $105 to $142, depending on the number of Tonies selected. The offer ends on Nov. 28, 2023, at 8am PST. But if you prefer to shop at your favorite retailer such as Amazon or Walmart, be sure to check out our selection of the best deals above.

What is a Toniebox and how are Tonies different?

A Toniebox is a soft, shockproof, portable audio player designed for children, which plays stories and songs when Tonies (hand-painted figures) are placed on it. Each Tonie contains a chip that, when placed on the Toniebox, plays specific content like stories or songs related to the character. It’s screen-free and encourages imaginative play. It’s also durable and easy for little hands to operate.

Does a Toniebox have parental controls?

Yes, parents can control and customize the content via the Toniebox app, ensuring age-appropriate material.

Are there educational Tonies?

Absolutely. There are Tonies specifically designed for educational content, like this dinosaur Tonie from Nat Geo.

Can you listen to your own sounds/audio on a Toniebox?

Yes, you can listen to your own sounds or audio on a Toniebox using a special type of Tonie called a Creative-Tonie. These are designed to be customizable and can be loaded with your personal audio files.

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