Best wireless chargers for your Android phone [2022]

    best wireless chargers

    It’s time to finally upgrade those old, wired chargers you have sitting around and get updated with wireless chargers. Wireless charging is getting more common on newer phones, and there’s a good chance your phone supports it if you bought it in the last year or two.

    But like anything else, there are tons of wireless chargers on the web to sort through. We did the hard work for you and put together a comprehensive list of the best wireless chargers you can buy, whether you’re looking for something to keep at the office or in your car.

    Yootech Wireless Charger

    If you need something cheap, whether it’s a spare charger, something for travel, or you’re just checking out what everyone’s raving about, snag this Yootech wireless charger. At less than $15 it’s an incredibly easy way to try out a charger or keep an extra on hand.

    It still checks all the boxes you’ll need in a wireless charger, including 10W fast charging for compatible phones, an LED indicator to let you know your phone has started charging, and a compact design that’ll fit anywhere.

    Just keep in mind this wireless charger does not include a wall block; you’ll need to supply that on your own.

    Vebach Wireless Charging Stand

    vebach wireless charger

    Need something a little fancier? This Vebach wireless charging stand might work for you.

    You get a couple key upgrades here, including a design that allows your phone to stand up while charging. That’s useful for utilizing an always-on display or checking notifications without having to pick your phone up from a flat charging pad.

    It’s also made of a much nicer aluminum that just looks nice. You’ve got a nice phone, why not get accessories that complement it?

    It still delivers all the other standard features you’d want, like incredibly fast 15W charging (with the correct wall charger) and compatibility with earbuds and other Qi accessories.

    iOttie iON Wireless Charger

    If you really want to reach for a top shelf wireless charger, iOttie partnered with Google to craft the iON wireless charging station. It’ll work with more than just Google Pixels, don’t worry, but it’s made to fit right in next to your Nest Mini speakers.

    It’s an all-around excellent charger, supporting up to 15W charging speed, an extra spot to juice up your wireless headphones, a good viewing angle for propping up your phone on your desk, and a sleek design made of fabric that looks pretty nice in most environments.

    It also includes the adapter you need in the box, which is a great addition. If you want a luxury option to recharge your phone without wires, you can’t go wrong here.

    Anker Wireless Power Bank

    Wireless chargers are wireless to your phone, but not from the wall. What about a charger that was completely wireless both ways?

    Good news, you can absolutely do that with something like Anker’s wireless power bank. At first glance it looks like a pretty standard 10,000mAh battery, but there’s an integrated wireless charging pad right on top. That means you can simply turn it on and drop your phone on it while you’re out, and recharge your phone with zero cables whatsoever.

    You pay a bit of a premium for the portability, since this only offers 5W charging, but if you need something completely detached from the wall it’s a very handy gadget to keep in your bag.

    CHGeek Wireless Car Charger

    Many people also definitely need car chargers, but there are still options for that. In fact, you might be able to combine your favorite car phone grip with a wireless charger with something like the CHGeek wireless car charger.

    You get both a suction cup mount and a vent clip to hold your phone, and the actual grip uses a clamping mechanism to keep your phone in place while your car is in motion. It supports up to 10W charging and a premium construction that should make your road trips a little more bearable.

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