Beta announced for Google Play Games on Windows PCs in Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

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    What you need to know

    • During The Game Awards 2021, Google revealed it’s bringing Google Play Games to Windows PCs in the future.
    • The release will allow users to play many of the top mobile games in the world directly on their PC, with seamless syncing and account progression.
    • On Wednesday, Google revealed that the first beta for Google Play Games on PC is coming to Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
    • Interested players can sign-up now to potentially join the beta and experience how Google is bringing its mobile gaming platform to Windows.

    One of the quieter announcements aired during The Game Awards 2021 was the reveal that Google Play Games is coming to Windows PCs in 2022. On Wednesday, Google announced that the first beta for Google Play Games on PC is coming in the near future to interested users in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea regions, with sign-ups for the beta available now.

    Google’s efforts to port its gargantuan Google Play Games platform to PCs will allow users to access thousands of the best Android games on Microsoft’s Windows operating system, complete with seamless switching between devices, Google Account syncing and cloud saves, Achievements progress, and more. Players will even be able to earn Google Play Points by playing games through Google Play Games on PC. The available mobile games can be downloaded directly to your PC, and will even support mouse and keyboard input as opposed to touch.

    While on the surface mirroring Microsoft’s efforts to bring Android apps to Windows 11, Google is utilizing its own techniques to make the move. Google Play Games will feature a standalone PC app that serves as the access point for players using the service.

    Google Play Games On Windows Pcs ImageSource: Google

    At least with the initial beta, Google is limiting access to three regions at the moment. If you reside in Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Korea, and are interested in experiencing what Google is attempting here, you can now sign-up for the Google Play Games on PC beta. The first beta won’t include all Google Play Games, but rather a reduced catalog including popular mobile games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Summoners War, State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration, and Three Kingdoms Tactics.

    No information is available yet, but Google is planning future betas, which will expand to additional regions to include more people. It’s unlikely that Google Play Games titles will become contenders for our list of best PC games, but it may be a welcome addition for thousands of users looking for more casual experiences on their Windows devices.

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