Billionaire Tech CEO Michael Dell Signals Bitcoin Interest Via Michael Saylor Retweet

Michael Dell, CEO of $100-billion-plus market cap Dell Technologies (DELL), showed at least some vague interest in bitcoin {{BTC}}, recirculating a BTC-friendly post on X from Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor.

It started Thursday when Dell posted, “Scarcity creates value.” That prompted a reply from Saylor, the executive chairman of MicroStrategy (MSTR), saying, “Bitcoin is Digital Scarcity,” which Dell then reposted.

The exchange didn’t end there, with Dell later posting an image of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster that had been digitally altered (apparently by Saylor) to show the famous children’s character gobbling bitcoin instead of cookies.

As first CEO and now executive chairman at MicroStrategy, Saylor has not only led that company to its acquisition of 226,331 bitcoin worth $15 billion over the past almost four years (the latest being the acquisition of 11,900 BTC just this week), but he’s also evangelized for other corporations to follow suit with their own balance sheets.

To this point, only a small number of other companies have seen fit to make bitcoin a part of their treasury strategies, and none to anywhere near the extent of what Saylor has done with MicroStrategy.

Per a recent filing, Dell had $34.6 billion of current assets on its balance sheet as of May 3, with $5.8 billion of that in cash and cash equivalents. Bitcoin isn’t mentioned.

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