Bing Maps improves trip planning with new distance calculator, gas finder, and parking locator

What you need to know

  • Bing Maps has new experiences to help plan trips, including tools for calculating a trip’s distance, finding gas stations, and locating parking spaces.
  • The service also has a tool for finding feasible routes for travel around obstacles and with various methods of transport.
  • Similar features have been available on competing map apps for quite some time, such as Google Maps.

Microsoft has a new set of features for Bing Maps that focus on improving trip planning. Bing Maps now has new experience for distance calculation, locating gas prices, and finding parking spots along a planned journey. Similar features have been available on other platforms, such as Google Maps, for several years, but they have now made their way to Bing Maps.

The tools provide the experience that their names suggest. Distance Calculation calculates the distance of a trip. The Gas Prices feature figures out gas prices on your way. The Parking Finder tool locates parking spaces along your journey. There are some technical aspects of the features that are interesting, such as how Bing Maps figures out the distance of a journey, but those don’t affect day-to-day usage. Microsoft explains the features in more detail in a blog post.

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