Birdie safety alarm is only $19

Birdie safety alarm

Birdie Personal Safety Alarm

$19 $30 Save $11

Sleek, slim, and subtle, the Birdie Personal Safety Alarm is a non-violent approach to personal safety that still packs a punch. Hanging on your purse or bag like an accessory or simply slipping in your tote, it’s portable but loud at 120dB when you pull the top pin off the main body. I sadly lost mine while traveling, so I’m buying it again for only $19 this Cyber Monday.

Living in New York City, there are a few things I don’t leave my apartment without – my keys, my earbuds, and up until I misplaced it last month, my Birdie personal safety alarm. At a super intimidating five foot one, I constantly have my head on a swivel. Up until I was gifted this device for college graduation, I had little confidence when it came to actually defending myself. Sure, pepper spray is also a great option, but even experts warn that it can potentially be used against you and isn’t the most conducive for travel.

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The Birdie is a simple to use, stylish, and very attention-grabbing – distracting the potential attacker and alerting any onlookers. While the slim device sadly fell out of my purse last month, I’m happy to see it at only $19 this Cyber Monday, so I can re-invest for less.

Why you should also invest in the Birdie Personal Safety Alarm this Cyber Monday

However useful, most personal safety devices are too clunky, obvious, or cheaply made. The Birdie, however, is slim, compact, comes in different color options, and a sturdy brass carabiner that seamlessly attaches to your bag and simply looks like a purse charm. While the encasing is unobtrusive, the sound it makes when the top part of the device is pulled apart from the main body is quite intrusive.

Sounding a 120dB alarm and flashing a bright light, the alarm’s function is twofold. For one, the sound is sure to throw someone off at the very least and the light can even be shown in the attacker’s face to temporarily obstruct their vision. Additionally, the light and alarm send a signal to onlookers that you’re in need of help.


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Ultimately, the subtle design, along with its effective blare, easily made Birdie our first choice for the best personal safety device you can currently buy, so I’m very glad to see it at a discount right now.

While I luckily (knock on all the wood) have never had to use the alarm in a real-life situation, I have tested the alarm to ensure I know exactly how to use it just in case, and scared myself and my unsuspecting roommate in the testing process. Needless to say, this tiny device packs a mighty punch.

At less than $20 this Cyber Monday, I’m even stocking up and buying some as stocking stuffers for my friends and family and giving the gift of safety this holiday season, and at this price, I recommend you do, too.

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