Bitcoin (BTC) Price To Hit New ATH in Next Few Hours, What To Expect Next?

As Bitcoin surges towards its all-time high of $69,000, the cryptocurrency market is optimistic. Beyond the price rally, Bitcoin’s market capitalization has reached a new milestone, surpassing its November 2021 peak and overtaking Meta Platforms. 

Additionally, MicroStrategy’s stock experiences a significant surge, reaching levels not seen in two decades, fueled by the firm’s commitment to buying more Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s Market Cap Milestone and Its Global Impact

Bitcoin’s bullish trend has propelled its market capitalization beyond its previous peak of $1.3020 billion in November 2021. 

The optimism in the Bitcoin market goes beyond price appreciation, with reports indicating its ability to outshine other traditional currencies including crypto, worldwide. Notably, Bitcoin has achieved a new all-time high against 70% of the G20 currencies.

Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money, attributes Bitcoin’s global success to traders viewing it as a hedge against fiat currencies. The ongoing trend of traders flocking to Bitcoin amid frothing trading activity reinforces its role as a perceived safe haven in times of economic uncertainty.

While Bitcoin was enjoying its upward trajectory, Coinbase Exchange experienced technical difficulties, with users reporting issues such as failure to carry transactions, problems in logging in, and a display of zero balances. Despite concerns, Coinbase’s customer support assures users of the safety of their funds, highlighting the platform’s commitment to security.

Bitcoin’s Technical Analysis and Potential Scenarios

Bitcoin’s price action is analyzed within the context of the November 2021 supply zone, with a focus on the $60,522 to $67,525 range. A candlestick close above $64,023 is deemed crucial for confirming the continuation of the uptrend, potentially setting the stage for BTC to reclaim its $69,000 peak and, in a highly bullish scenario, reach $70,000.

Reports suggest that BlackRock has filed to purchase Bitcoin ETFs for its Strategic Income Opportunities Fund, signaling a potential catalyst for Bitcoin’s upward momentum. 

Additionally, Stanford University’s Blyth Fund allocates approximately 7% of its portfolio to Bitcoin, reflecting growing institutional interest in the cryptocurrency.

Moreover, MicroStrategy, known especially for its Bitcoin-buying strategy, witnessed a surge in its stock price, reaching $1,334 per share, the highest in nearly two decades. The company’s CEO, Michael Saylor, announces plans for a private sale of $600 million worth of convertible senior notes to purchase more Bitcoin, further solidifying MicroStrategy’s position as the largest publicly traded company holding the digital asset.

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