Bitcoin Bull Run Begins: Will BTC Price Hit $200K or $500K in This Bull Cycle?

Bitcoin (BTC) price closed above $48k last week for the first time since the onset of the 2022/2023 crypto bear market. According to the latest crypto market data, Bitcoin price has been exchanging hands around $48,139 on Monday during the early Asian session.

As a result, the highly anticipated pre-halving rally has flashed and could easily continue in the subsequent months. Moreover, Bitcoin supply is on the cusp of being lowered by half amid the heightened demand from institutional investors and retail traders.

The recent approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States has been described as this bull cycle’s game changer. 

Poppe on Bitcoin Price Expectations in this Bull Cycle

According to a popular crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe, the confirmed macro Bitcoin’s bull cycle will outshine prior rallies due to the notable adoption from institutional investors and retail traders.

The crypto analyst expects the current bull run to peak between the third and fourth quarter of 2025 but suggested that the cycle could extend until 2027.

Notably, Poppe highlighted that the established crypto four-year year cycle could end with this macro bull run as it marks the entry of institutional investors.

“…We’ll be seeing the final ‘four-year cycle’ happening at this point, which means that it will probably be hard to break the upcoming all-time high in the years after,” Poppe noted.

As for the Bitcoin price peak for this bull cycle, Poppe highlighted that the flagship coin could easily rally and outperform many theories as more cash inflows are registered. Meanwhile, the crypto analyst urged investors to add more Bitcoins without focusing on USD valuations.

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