Black Friday 2021: Best PC Deals

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TVs might be the big-ticket item everyone thinks about for Black Friday shopping, but PCs are also deeply discounted for holiday shopping! We’ve rounded up some of the best PC deals for you to take advantage of.

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Black Friday PC Deals

Black Friday is well known for its deals on expensive electronics, and that includes PCs. Whether you’re buying a new PC for a very lucky giftee or looking to upgrade yourself, there are plenty of deals to take advantage of: almost too many!

It can be difficult to tell what are actual deals and what may be manufacturers trying to offload older inventory for cheap. We’re here to help with the best Black Friday deals of the year!

PCs and Laptops

The holiday season is a great time to get a new PC for cheap, and with shortages still a concern, it’s a good year to buy a pre-built rig instead of trying to build your own.

But a pre-built PC doesn’t mean you have to settle. The major manufacturers hold big blowout Black Friday sales that let you customize your computer to your exact specifications.

If you just need a laptop that works, though, and don’t want to fiddle with specs and figuring out components, there are still some great options on sale:

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PC Components

Now ready for a full PC upgrade? You can still save on PC components during Black Friday. While you can’t expect to find new GPUs at a discount, if you’re trying to find a new tower, a motherboard, or anything in between, you can find some savings if you look in the right place.

If you want to browse, check out Newegg’s Black Friday deals—they’re always one of the best retailers to go for PC components.

PC Accessories

Not everyone needs a brand new PC, but almost everyone can enjoy a fancy new mechanical keyboard or a better mouse. Luckily, many top brands offer some of the best products at a deep discount. You can see what’s on sale on each manufacturer’s Amazon store page:

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Let’s not forget other accessories, such as webcams or capture cards—you can get great discounts on these helpful PC items, too. If you finally need to finish your work-from-home or streaming setup, now is your chance.

Looking for More Deals?

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