Bumbling Cats! Release Date, Pre-Registration, and Trailers

Bumbling Cats is set to become the latest kitty-based idle RPG from the house of Treeplla.inc- the studio known for games like Block Wars, Cat Snack Bar: Cute Food Games, and more!

As the title suggests, cutesy felines will be the showstoppers yet again. Only this time, they’ll be embarking on a fantastical adventure to defeat the dark forces and reclaim their kingdom! All this happens in an idle RPG setting, ensuring the players keep progressing even when they’re not actively participating in the game.

Read on to find out which platforms will get Bumbling Cats, when will it be playable, and how can you pre-register for it.

Release Date & Available Platforms

Bumbling Cats! is lined up for release on July 31, 2024 for Android and iOS devices. Players will get to download the game from Google Play and App Store for free.

Although it’s free to download, the game will offer in-game purchases as per its description on the App Store. That means, there might be some pay-to-win elements in the game.


Bumbling Cats! on Google Play
Bumbling Cats! on Google Play
Image: Google Play

Pre-registrations and pre-orders for Bumbling Cats! are now open.

iOS users can pre-order the game in the App Store by simply searching for the game and tapping on the Pre-Order buttong. Similarly, Android users can pre-register for Bumbling Cats on its Google Play page. Simply tap Pre-register on the game’s page and the game will download and install automatically when it releases.

Bumbling Cats! Trailer

YouTube videoYouTube video

Video: Treeplla.Inc

The above trailer video for Bumbling Cats! provides a sneak peek at the gameplay, introduces the various feline foes you’ll face, and showcases how you’ll help the kitties reclaim their kingdom one region at a time.


The studio has a reputation for creating simple yet fun games that anyone can play and Bumbling Cats looks no different. That said, it’ll be interesting to see how Bumbling Cats performs. Will the devs be able to bring some more depth to the game in the long run? Or does it have everything it needs?

While we wait to answer these questions, check out other idle RPGs like Soul Strike and Tiny Quest.

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