Buying a Nintendo Switch: worth it or not?

Nintendo Switch is the first in a long time for the Japanese company to succeed in the global market. Nintendo itself, deciding to consolidate the result, this year released two new versions of the console – a fully portable Switch Lite and an improved version of the original console with more energy-efficient hardware.

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To help those in doubt deciding on the choice of gifts, we prepared a small guide about the console, describing its advantages and disadvantages. The material will not be divided into pros and cons – it will present the main points you should know about before buying a console. 


Recommended retail prices for current company consoles:

  • PS5 – $499
  • Xbox Series X – $499
  • PS5 Digital Edition – $399
  • Xbox Series S – $299
  • Nintendo Switch – $299
  • Nintendo Switch Lite $199.

Note that the PS5 lineup and the old console in the Xbox Series lineup have a price difference of at least $100 from the Nintendo Switch, which may be a significant difference for many people. And for those who don’t, it will be an added plus in choosing a console from Nintendo. Also, the smaller console in the $200 Switch lineup it’s popular with low-income families and people who don’t want to spend significant amounts of money on interactive entertainment. And those who face a choice between the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox Series S are more likely to choose the former for the following reasons.

Console Availability, Threshold of Entry, and Trust

As we know, Microsoft and Sony are having huge problems meeting the demand for their new consoles. Many players want to buy them, but they can’t do it. Nintendo can satisfy the customer even with the massive demand for their consoles. Therefore, many players wanting a new console will buy what’s on the shelves.

Playstation and Xbox have a high entry threshold because they focus on their hardcore audience. But Nintendo is doing smarter, focusing on new users while keeping their fans in mind. 

The PS5 and Xbox Series haven’t been out that long, and they’re not time-tested yet. And Switch is three years old, already well known, and the company’s credibility is high. Moreover, Nintendo is more prevalent worldwide among ordinary people because they have been in this market for the longest time. Therefore an unfamiliar person is more likely to take the Switch. 

The Switch is not worth buying as your first or primary platform 

Hybrid console from Nintendo, although it supports TV mode, it is impossible to compete with PS4 and Xbox One, and even more so with PC, in the quality of the image transmitted to the screen, which is entirely understandable – in its power Nintendo Switch is much closer to modern cell phones than to the “big” platforms. It is worth remembering that there is currently no solution on the market that combines the ability to play on the road and full-fledged couch gameplay without losing image quality. If you want to enjoy the picture on your big-screen TV primarily, the Nintendo Switch is not for you.  

If you don’t like Nintendo games, maybe you don’t need the Switch all that much 

Although almost every current project comes out on the Japanese console, Nintendo’s titles occupy a special place in the Switch’s treasure trove. Legend of Zelda, Super Bros. Mario, Luigi Mansion – all these great projects with excellent game design, which many gamers undeservedly considered childish. If this stereotype is close to you, we strongly recommend outgrowing it and trying the games of these series on your own, but if you have tried them and finally realized that they do not suit you – then there is not much point in buying Nintendo Switch for you. 

The Lite version of the Nintendo Switch Lite is contraindicated. If you suddenly decide to save money on buying a console or think you don’t need a dock for a stationary game, you should not take the Lite version of the console in any case. The list of compromises of the “cheap” Switch version, in addition to the lack of a docking station, is quite extensive:

  • The screen is smaller.
  • The Joy-Cons are not detachable.
  • There is no auto-brightness.

The console’s built-in Joy-Cons are already reason enough not to recommend the Switch Lite for purchase: Nintendo engineers remained utterly deaf to the call of angry consumers, and as a result, the problem of “drifting” sticks was moved to the smaller version of the console, as a result of which the character on the screen can move even if you do not touch the control buttons. But for the regular Nintendo Switch version, the joysticks can be successfully disconnected, but owners of the Lite version will have to pay a lot of money for repairs if they break.

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Be prepared for a catastrophic amount of faults

Terrible build quality, a flaking screen, drifting sticks – in this generation, Nintendo deservedly gets an anti-award for the most problematic console. Trying to save money on all console components has led to a significant number of Switch users encountering one of these ills sooner or later. Unfortunately, Nintendo meets the users in no hurry: for example, the company has long turned a blind eye to the problem with the Joy-Cons, and only recently acknowledged the presence of this defect. 

Nintendo consoles – are not for the frugal. Prepare to pay 

Games from the Japanese company quite successfully sold at current prices worldwide, and Nintendo does not see the point in making frequent sales – demand remains high. Of course, you can save money by buying games in retail – usually cheaper there than in digital – or by setting up an account in another country (detailed price guides by region are abundantly available on the web). The official prices for Switch Joy-Cons and other accessories can also scare the unprepared user. In general, be prepared that the console will cost you more than the PS4 or Xbox One. 

Buy the latest revision of the Nintendo Switch

The fact is that this package sells a version of the Nintendo Switch that is made according to the latest tech process, which has resulted in a significant increase in the runtime of the console. So while the “regular” Nintendo Switch will give you 3 to 6 hours of gameplay in handheld mode, the updated revision will provide you with 6 to 9 hours. In our opinion, the difference is quite impressive, and considering that the console’s price remained unchanged, it makes no sense to buy the outdated model. 

The Switch is still the best option for those who want to play on the road 

If your main reason for buying the Nintendo Switch is to get a handheld console, we have nothing to counter that. The hybrid console is still the only decent option for those who want to play on the road. New projects and ports of universally recognized masterpieces from current and previous generation systems are steadily appearing on the Switch – and they will continue to emerge. If the soapy picture does not scare you, the other drawbacks may seem irrelevant. After all, “The Witcher” is still “The Witcher,” capable of giving hundreds of hours of pleasure. In games from Nintendo, the art direction has always prevailed over the latest technology. 

The Nintendo Switch, of course, can hardly be called a perfect device – it is expensive to maintain a console with the most expensive games, and in addition, it has a vast number of technical problems. Does the pleasure of using it outweigh all these disadvantages? Most would answer that it does.