Chargeasap Unveils Insane 280W USB-C GaN Charger

The Chargeasap Zeus Can Juice Up All Your Gadgets

Chargeasap Unveils Insane 280W USB-C GaN Charger 5Chargeasap Unveils Insane 280W USB-C GaN Charger 5
Image: Chargeasap

The new Zeus charger from Chargeasap boasts a combined charging output of 280W across its four USB ports, eliminating the need to carry multiple chargers for different devices. It can charge devices like laptops (including MacBooks), iPads and other tablets, smartphones, earbuds, smartwatches, handheld consoles, and many others.

It features two USB-C ports topping out at 140W each, one USB-C port maxing out at 100W, and one USB-A port providing up to 65W of output. To put it in perspective, the two 140W USB-C ports can simultaneously charge two 16” MacBook Pros at their fully supported speeds. Alternatively, you can juice up three MacBooks at once – one at 140W and the other two at 65W each.

When using three or more ports at once, the primary USB-C port maintains its 140W output, but the other ports experience a drop in wattage. Despite this, considering the charger’s compact size, its performance remains impressive. And we’re talking about laptops only.

Chargeasap Unveils Insane 280W USB-C GaN Charger 6Chargeasap Unveils Insane 280W USB-C GaN Charger 6
Image: Chargeasap

For phones, too, it should be able to charge newer models from Samsung, Apple, and Google, at full speeds. Additionally, proprietary charging tech from some OEMs like Samsung, Oppo, OnePlus, and Huawei is also supported.

The charger also comes with a decently sized OLED display to show real-time information regarding charging, including volts, amps, and watts of output from each port. Using this display, you can easily check whether your devices are being charged at full potential.

A Closer Look Into The Specs

Chargeasap Unveils Insane 280W USB-C GaN Charger 7Chargeasap Unveils Insane 280W USB-C GaN Charger 7
Image: Chargeasap

Let’s dig deeper into the specifications of the Chargeasap Zeus. It supports PPS, Power Delivery 3.0, Quick Charge 4.0, Huawei’s FCP and SCP, and Samsung’s AFC, among others, via its USB-C ports. The USB-A port supports Quick Charge 3.0 and Oppo’s and OnePlus’s VOOC Charge protocols.

The charger comes equipped with four Navitas NV6127 chips, one for each port. There’s also a graphene cooling mechanism that keeps the charger temperature below 75°C. It weighs 380g, which is less than many competing offerings.

Pricing and Availability

Chargeasap Unveils Insane 280W USB-C GaN Charger 8Chargeasap Unveils Insane 280W USB-C GaN Charger 8
Image: Chargeasap

The Chargeasap Zeus 280W charger comes in Black and White colorways. Inside the box, you get four separate travel adapters for US, EU, UK, and AU, making it compatible in over 190 countries.

It’s already available for purchase from Amazon UK for £160, and should be up on Amazon US in the upcoming weeks. Alternatively, you can also buy one from Chargeasap’s official website for $219 or £172.

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