Chrome OS Could Steal Windows’ Best Customization Feature – Review Geek


    Wait, Chrome OS doesn’t have one of these yet? Google is testing a Chrome OS Personalization menu that lets you quickly change your wallpaper and switch between light or dark mode, similar to the Personalization tab in Windows’ Settings. If this feature ever reaches a stable Chrome OS build, users can access it by right-clicking their Shelf.

    The experimental Personalization menu was first discovered by u/Powerful_General_133 and reported to the Chrome OS subreddit on January 12. According to u/Powerful_General_133, the Personalization menu is only available in the latest ChromeOS Dev build. (They also mention that the new Chrome OS Dev build has some Material You theming, similar to Android 12.)


    Now, we’re not exactly sure what Google is planning for this Personalization menu. But we doubt that it’s just for changing your wallpaper and switching to dark mode. When it’s finished, the Chrome OS Personalization menu could contain settings to adjust text size, system color settings, default apps, system behavior, and other preferences.

    Unfortunately, you have to switch over to the less-than-stable Chrome OS Dev build if you want to try the experimental Personalization menu. If you’re on the stable Chrome OS build and want dark mode, open the Chrome browser and type chrome://flags in the address bar. Then, search for “Dark/Light Mode of System UI.”

    We hope that the Chrome OS Personalization menu ends up looking like Windows’ Personalization tab, which is quite robust. Of course, this feature is still in its very early stages, and there’s no guarantee that it will ever appear in a stable Chrome OS build.

    Source: u/Powerful_General_133

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