CODI Ecosystem Is Rebranding As The Private Sale Of Its Native Token $CODI Enters Its Second Week

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October 11, 2021– CODI Finance is rebranding its Ecosystem to expand its progressive DeFi environment for the benefit of all users. The CODI project, which strives to be a fully decentralized Ecosystem, has rebranded and added three primary products to its DeFi Ecosystem: an IDO Launchpad, an NFT marketplace, and a Decentralized exchange. The introduction of these products will aid CODI in becoming a progressive DeFi environment and reach its goal of becoming a fully transparent and decentralized ecosystem. CODI is building a DeFi ecosystem with low transaction fees and high speed on the Solana blockchain.

One of CODI’s long-term objectives is to foster a progressive environment where new projects can thrive, connect to their target market, and obtain liquidity. COpad, the CODI Ecosystem’s IDO Launchpad, is dedicated to providing a platform for new DeFi projects to obtain safe and secure funding from investors.

CodiSwap, CODI’s decentralized exchange, aims to be a fully decentralized exchange platform that allows users to exchange virtual tokens, easily transfer funds between wallets, trade different cryptocurrencies, stake them, and ensure market liquidity. CodiSwap aspires to be the ultimate decentralized exchange protocol by improving access to DEX services. In addition, the CODI Ecosystem’s NFT Marketplace will enable artists and collectors to quickly and securely trade NFTs. Introducing these new products will most likely help CODI cement its position as one of the world’s most progressive DeFi ecosystems.

The CODI Ecosystem employs the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to assist in establishing a proper governance structure in which every user is a stakeholder. CODI community members will be able to vote on new features, partnerships, and other integrations to help the Ecosystem become a fully decentralized platform. $CODI, the native token of the CODI Ecosystem, will be used to facilitate platform governance, among other things. $CODI holders will be able to participate in ecosystem governance. The $CODI private sale has already begun and is in its second week. The response has been overwhelming, as evident by the fact that 30% of the presale tokens have already been sold. CODI intends to distribute at least 99 million $CODI, accounting for 30% of the total supply of 330,000,000 CODI. This private sale allows users to be early adopters of this project and obtain a CODI token for as little as USD 0.02, which will sell for a higher price during the IDO.

The CODI project also allows early investors to take advantage of early adopters benefits by using its vesting protocol.

To participate in the private sale and obtain tokens, please contact CODI’s sales team at [email protected].

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