Creality HALOT LCD 3D Printer Series Announce a New Product Launch

As a world-renowned 3D printing manufacturer, Creality lead the industry by constantly upgrading and integrating new technology with new product. The HALOT LCD 3D printer series launched by Creality have attracted widespread attention in the industry due to its excellent molding accuracy and high stability. The LCD series launched by Creality have stood out in LCD 3D printer markets, and have won countless reputations in overseas markets and are widely welcomed by users worldwide.

Creality HALOT LCD 3D printer series is about to launch a new generation of large-size LCD 3D printers, HALOT-LITE, which has excellent performance in terms of molding size, accuracy, stability and ease of use. HALOT-LITE continues the feature of large size and high precision from the previous product line HALOT-SKY, and further improves the printing performance. HALOT-LITE has a larger molding size, which fully meets the imagination of users for large-size needs.

Self-Developed Integral Light Source

The core component of the LCD 3D printer is its light source, and users are most concerned about the printing accuracy. HALOT-LITE continues the new-generation of self-developed optical system from the HALOT series, which allow the uniformity of the molding surface to reach more than 80%, and also perfectly solves the problems of uneven curing and printing layer patterns. The integral light source has characteristic such as high uniformity, high precision and high fault tolerance which greatly improve the gloss and fineness of the model.

Large-Size Printing to Let your Imagination Run Wild

HALOT-LITE has a molding size of 192×120×200mm, which can meet various needs of users for diverse creative expression. Equipped with a long-life 8.9-inch black-and-white display with a resolution of 3840*2400, the surface texture of the printed object is clear, and the features are rich and subtle.

Flagship Performance and New Level of Intelligent Manufacturing

Creality has been committed to making 3D printing more intelligent. HALOT-LITE is equipped with ARM Cortex-A53 processor, 64-bit quad-core high-performance motherboard. The computing and graphics processing power, as well as printing accuracy are far surpassing ordinary LCD 3D printers. While the efficiency is significantly improved. The built-in WIFI module allow user to stay in touch with the working status and printing progress of the 3D printer. It also supports one-click system updates, application upgrades and other functional applications.

Simplicity and Freedom to Create

HALOT-LITE lowers the operating threshold of 3D printing, and is equipped with self-developed slicing software HALOT-BOX, which is known for its high-speed and convenient slicing. Novices can get started in seconds. The 5.0-inch large touch screen and simple user interface bring a whole new experience for all levels of users

Application Scenario

HALOT Lite was created to meet the needs of more users across different industries, with its advantages of high-accuracy and high-performance, the new printer can do well in both the household and commercial fields, and can even meet some industrial production needs. It saves a lot of time for production operations and helps the digitalization of the industry. 3D printing now is no longer limited to the fields of dentistry, hand-made, jewelry, architectural design and so on. This time, HALOT-LITE will lead us into the field of technology, animation and games.

Creality’s years of reputation, branding, strong production strength, and its products’ advantages in performance and price make HALOT-LITE destined to be exciting. The new product HALOT-LITE will be on sale in in the fourth quarter , Stay tune to our official announcement let us witness together on 24th September.