Create your own Android Bot with Google’s fun new tool

The much-loved Android Bot got a modern makeover in December giving it a Minions-like 3D appearance.

Now Android users can give it some clothes, select a material, add accessories, and even give it some props. The ‘Customise your own Android Bot’ feature is front and centre on the Android homepage and there’s absolutely loads of options to choose from.

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There are 25 materials (including tennis ball felt, camouflage and leopard skin), and 20 items of clothing like dungarees (if you want to make it look even more like a minion), space suits and even a Kill Bill-style jumpsuit.

The 20 accessories include headphones, scuba masks and bunny ears, while you can also equip your Android robot with one of 20 props – like a cricket bat or a slice of pizza. Suddenly, the Android robot looks strangely naked without his gear on.

Once you’re done with playing, you can get a QR Code for your bot or download it. Then you can go back and do it all over again. Unfortunately the tool is just a bit of fun at the moment and there’s no integration with Android in general. It would be neat, for instance, if the custom design popped up when you powered on your Android phone.

Maybe Google has some plans for deeper integration, given the customisation tool was announced to coincide with its appearance at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week?

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