Cryptocurrency terms you should know before diving into it

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    You all might have heard some cryptocurrencies terms like DApp, FUD, whale, and many more. Unfortunately, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts are not familiar with the meaning of such terms and find it difficult to understand when someone uses these words on social media, live seminars, etc.

    People think of cryptocurrencies as a novel investment, but these are much more than investment assets. You can visit to know how cryptocurrency trading works and the best trading strategies. Acknowledging the essential slang, latest terms, tweets, and technologies consume a period, even if you are regular cryptocurrency investors or traders. Below listed are famous cryptocurrency terms that you should know.


    2021 seems to be the year of altcoins. One of the leading altcoins, binance coin, has experienced a growth of 1300% in just a single year. On the contrary, ethereum not even experience half growth as of binance coin. The cryptocurrency marketplace ranks other cryptocurrencies in the altcoin category. BTC merely surged by 65% in the last year. The significant number of altcoins indicates the demand for these virtual coins.


    Gas or gas fees is the amount of cryptocurrency an individual has to pay for executing smart contracts and other exchange on a particular blockchain. Gas fees vary on a different blockchain model. Currently, ethereum is very costly when it comes to gas fees. Binance innovative chain and Cardano are the least expensive bright chain as they levy a nominal gas fee. If you are executing transactions on the binance bright chain, you have to pay gas fees in the binance coin, the native currency of this blockchain model.

    Initial coin offering

    ICOs are a new subject in the cryptocurrency marketplace. The concept of ICO resembles with IPOs, and ICO refers to initial coin offering. In short initial coin offering is a potential way to fund new flanged cryptocurrency or decentralized projects.

    Nonfungible tokens

    In a single year, NFTs have acquired the limelight in a massive amount. Besides NFT, NFT games are also a scorching subject of the marketplace. NFT games tend to be a possible way to earn money. NFT standpoints nonfungible tokens; as the name suggests, these tokens come up with zero fungible attributes. The nonfungible attributes of these tokens demonstrate that it is impossible to interchange one NFT with another.

    But one can sell these NFTs in the market to make money. NFTs transfer specific digital art ownership rights or any exclusive item, both virtual and accurate, to the token holder. Suppose you buy NFT of digital art; you will be assigned as the creator’s ownership of that NFT art. Similar to cryptocurrencies, NFTs also require a blockchain. Creators usually prefer some intelligent chains to mint NFT as the charge of this process on innovative chains is significantly less.

    Satoshi Nakamoto

    Satoshi Nakamoto is famous for inventing bitcoin. With bitcoin becoming a trend in the mainstream marketplace, the hype of Satoshi Nakamoto is skyrocketing. But Satoshi’s real identity is still uncovered. I am Satoshi is one of the famous bitcoin-based movies that shed light on Satoshi Nakamoto’s actual identity.

    Cryptocurrency enthusiasts also alleged many famous personalities to be Satoshi Nakamoto. For example, these people first alleged Dorian Nakamoto and then Nick Szabo. In addition, Craig White claimed himself as the creator of bitcoin but failed to prove his statements later on.

    Smart contracts

    Smart contracts are an application of blockchain that executes and enacts the condition of a particular agreement autonomously constructed on the information present. First, intelligent contracts helped ethereum acquire the limelight in this industry; later, every bright chain came up with the smart contracts feature. The inventor of this technology is Nick Szabo, the individual who was alleged to be the creator of bitcoin.


    Stablecoin is also utterly popular as digital fiat as its attributes resemble the fiat currencies. Earlier, people used to see cryptocurrencies as the new monetary system, but the entire scenario has completely changed after introducing stable coins.

    Stablecoin tends to become the upcoming prominent exchange method. It is because Stablecoin can replace fiat currencies in the future as per many rich sources. Moreover, as Stablecoin is not as volatile as cryptocurrencies and their actual market value is attached with fiat currencies or stable commodities, they make a better payment system.

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